Hungover in work


I’m hurt.

I’m also not hungover and feeling on top of the world, so not all that hurt. I hope you suffer @Chucks_Nwoko you horrible minging Monaghan cunt.


Did you just call me minging?


In terms of not “over-singing” it, Kelly nails this.


I did mate, among other things.


Your insensitivity is off the charts today.


What? Are you looking for pity?


No, that’d be too much to expect. This thread is usually a safe-haven from the typical cuntfuckery you see elsewhere. I thought I’d be safe here.


This is TFK mate, you’re not safe anywhere.
Ah here, are you in work? Go out and get a bacon roll and coffee / tea from one of North Sydneys fine cafes and take two Neurofen. Australia have 5 wickets already, it’s a lovely day and you get to sleep in tomorrow (I fucking don’t) after the cure this afternoon. Hope you feel better mate.


why can’t ye put this shit into PMs?


We could. It’d feel a bit gay though. And we’d miss out on antagonising you.

Thanks @Fitzy. That’s made me feel better. Are you/asian work monkey gonna start up the AFL tipping soon?


Because @mac would be reading them. He told me some terrible things mentioned about you recently.


Yeah, I suppose I’ll take one of the little fuckers out of the boiler room and get him to fire it up.


How are you now pet?


I had a lovely Penang at lunch that fixed me up, fixed me up good and proper. I haven’t done a tap all day. I am fully up to date with the week’s Sigerson Cup action and also caught the Monk’s '08 Prime Time interview. I might use one of his lines when I’m quizzed about my hours today; “Sometimes figures don’t add up.”.


Ah lovely, on the way home soon I’m debating whether to end my 2 week sobriety or have a few schoops tonight, though a very early start tomorrow.


You’ve got the rugby league back on the box this weekend. Accordingly, I feel your sobriety will end sooner or later, so you may as well go for the scoops tonight.


Aw fuck, don’t tell me that shite is back FFS. I’ll have the annual 30 emails from dickheads wanting me to partake in their fucking tipping comp. Fuck off (I did a supplier’s comp one year, won it despite not having a fucking clue about NRL. Some chaps were pissed off about that, very funny it was, useless fucks, I only won $100).
Young lads football season kicks off tomorrow (well pre-season games at least) so that should be good.


Just the pre-season blacks v whites game tomorrow night.


Where did you go for that solstice? I’ve gotten into the habit of waking at six in the morn after I have a few scoops, it is fucking infuriating.