Hungover in work


I’m not. I actually hope the whites lose.


A blatant lie


do they have an abbos v paddies game also?


Signing in. Kind of. Hungover, yes. A fine feed of pints last night with whiskey to finish. But i won’t be doing much work today at all. Plan to go for a swim.


Signing out again. Just did about 50 lengths of the pool. Feel outrageously good.



It’s only kicking in now. Went to see the Fun Lovin Criminals last night and had a few scoops and got a little cabbaged as well.
Getting too old for this shit.


I’m flagging something awful here. Drank at least eight pints last night like a mug. Couldn’t remember going to bed and didn’t set the alarm or anything but somehow awoke in an awful state at 7.30am gasping for water. Real muggish stuff and I seem to be doing most of my drinking on Thursday nights oddly.


You can’t remember going to bed after drinking 8 pints and you were slagging of students for their inability to drink earlier in the week :laughing:


At least eight pints I said numbnuts. I can’t remember much beyond number 8 but I’d say I probably had more.


5 (FIVE) pints last night had me badly rattled today. The game’s up lads, the future’s dry.


Not hungover but I am shell of a man after three (3) heavy days. Just had my fourth shite of the day and it’s gone from a paste like consistency earlier to full liquid roaring out of me. The hole is burnt off me.


Oh jaysus, never again


Possibly the wrong thread but still hammered in work.:ronnyroar::ronnyroar::ronnyroar::pint::pint:




This is what you are looking for mate


I kept out of town last night and stayed in. Place was mobbed I’d imagine with the seasonal drinkers.

A bit like going to Mass on Christmas Day with the seasonal Mass goers and not being able to get a seat.



Good man @Horsebox. I was you earlier but I still knocked it out of the park. I wrecked a jacks at the applegreen in Lusk and feel much better for it now.


serious q
in the event i am brutally hungover in work next week what food should i eat / drink to sort me out?


@glasagusban recommends that instead of drinking the shit out of it you go for a nice Indian meal instead you’ll feel much less hungover the next day apparently