Hungover in work


salted water and/or motility soluables.

Deflammotary foods like root vegtables, eggs etc




a good fry


A wank.


Was just thinking that.


As you were wanking?


Not yet. Still in work. Later though definitely.


Good man, keep us posted


That’s cos you’re too preoccupied worrying about why your hole feels like an exhaust pipe rather then concentrating on the hangover


I’d say if anyones hole feels like an exhaust pipe in that exchange, its not @Julio_Geordio’s


Kicking in a bit now. Don’t really remember the commute to work this morning.


In the words of a current absentee. "A boy the kid "


Did you drive?


You make me sick.


Jesus no. Dublin biked it.


I think its repugnant that when mousey is banned for a few days horsey thinks he is big man round the campus

mr bland is all of a sudden a hard drinking hell raiser


Nature abhors a vacuum


I guess but it doesn’t sit right with me that @Horsebox has spent the last 12 months brown nosing poor mousey and while the rest of us are in mourning he makes a power grab


A bit like Albert Reynolds with Charlie Haughey.