Hungover in work


Check the Ravenous thread, mate. I want him back for good, I want him back, want him back, want him back for good.


Ripple xrp is where its at mate.

Don’t miss out now.


Signing in. At least it’s a Friday.


Ah lovely it must be December when this thread is being bumped. We are only a week or so away from the drunk in work thread :clap:


Everyone in this thread:


signing in


No wonder you can’t cover the mortgage for a month.


Corporate night, I wasn’t funding the alcohol


signing in. just had dominos though and need a sleep…


:ronnyroar: :nauseated_face: :pint:




Not again.


In. First of 3 work nights out this month last night. Bed at 3. I won’t do much today and for that I am deeply ashamed.


No you’re not.


Are you robbing from your employer again?




I said

Are you robbing from your employer again?


I don’t understand the merit of the question. Why would I rob from my employer?


I doubt it. His employer can’t have expected very much.


I’m back at work after having recently been at death’s door with pneumonia. Mac turns up for work today hammered and thinks he can have a go, meanwhile we have a low ranking civil servant like you egging him on when you wouldn’t know a days work if it bit you on the ass.

The irony of it all is no doubt lost on you.