Hungover in work


Low ranking. Lol!


Bit defensive there, mate.


More amused.


I don’t think I have ever seen @Nembo_Kid lose an argument on here


He has never lost a argument


I love when the likes of @Mac pluck up the courage to have a pop and then get destroyed


Ironing all over the shop



you’d need to have 10 or 12 pints inside you before you’d even consider debating with @Nembo_Kid , hes a genius


He’s never been beaten in a argument


How many lads have you destroyed this year?


You got a little testy at my light hearted satire called MacRoaster which is drawn from you.


One of my followers digging up posts from four years ago :smile:


Everyone on TFK is extremely successful in both their business and personal lives.


The seethe you’re creating is practically keeping the place going mate, it’s very entertaining to watch actually, fascinating even.




But seem to be poor enough drinkers


Not exactly true, some are working in the Civil service.


For some reason the four or so biggest weirdos on here follow me around tagging me and stuff. I don’t know why they are so obsessed with me.


Even they both claim to have been promoted to a senior level