Hurling Dream Team Ground Rules

Some proposed rules for the competition - i am open to discussion on these before we start naming finalised teams and start the draw -

  • 76 points per team - the six players listed in the forwards can be to a maximum of 30 points. The other 46 can be used between positions 1 to 9

  • No more than 5 players from a given county

  • Players can be picked in whatever position the person wants - for example if someone wants to pick Declan Hannon or Brick Walsh in the forwards or Joe Canning centre back they can. But expect your team to mark down in head to heads if you are just shoe horning lads into the team.

  • Competition will be straight knockout - for example if 16 teams enter then I will set up a draw pitting one team against another - the 8 winners progress to the next round and so on til we have a winner. A thread will be set up for each contest and it will be a public vote as to who the people of TFK think has a better team. Post your team with the value beside each.

  • As organiser i have the final say in adjudication. But ideally we will rule by consensus of the forum and this won’t be needed

I will start a thread shortly with all 200 players listed and whatever team you post in that thread is your final team. Entry will close tomorrow evening. With the first heats starting Friday.

if anyone has any questions or comments or queries throw them up here and we can figure it out.


How does a team win, through debate?

Stephen O’Keeffe

Damien Reale - Ronan Maher - Mickey Cahill
Eamon Corcoran - Brendan Maher - Tony Browne

Johnny Coen - Tom Kenny

Larry Murphy - Lee Chin - Tony Kelly
Conor Lehane - Bonnar Maher - Donie Ryan

That’s what we need to figure out - i assume the team with the most Limerick lads will do well but i hope they leave their biases aside.

My take would be each team should be first viewed on its own merits. So is it a balanced team or does it contain a load of defenders who are stylish hurlers but can’t defend and wristy forwards who can’t win ball.

Secondly if both teams were to meet in a hypothetical match in ideal championship conditions which team would likely come out on top.

This can be debated and the two protagonists can put forward their cases and we can judge for ourselves

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Is it Joe Cooney SNR or JNR

Senior. Although it is picked from the last 25 years and I think Joe senior from 95 to 2000 was a shadow of the player he was in the late 80s/early 90s.

Buyer beware

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@Big_Dan_Campbell You are a saint

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@Big_Dan_Campbell is currently working on an algorithm

Fair play @Big_Dan_Campbell. Lot of work & thought involved for some very diverting entertainment :clap: :clap: :clap:


Corner forward formula is;
Wristiness x speed x aerial ability x accuracy x bit of the dog in him

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Lovely hurling @Big_Dan_Campbell.

Thanks. A noble endeavour

Fair play @Big_Dan_Campbell, excellent stuff :clap:

Teams should be ineligible unless the points per player are posted up as well.

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Perhaps posters should be limited to three players at most from their own or any county to remove biases @Big_Dan_Campbell?

I have gone with 5 which I think is fair

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Fair enough. Hopefully debates will not be reduced to parochialism. Fair play

I won’t lie, I added a Limerick man to my team in order to appeal to the masses for fear I’d be marked down for not having one in my side.

It’s all in the game, yo

Thanks. Any fewer and I may have been forced to pick Tipp players.

I’ve a nice spread but I admit a Munster bias, having seen most of the players in the flesh in the Munster championship