Hurling - The Hand Pass Rule - a thread

The Limericks seem to be taking this thread very personally.

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That’s a class graphic.

Did you watch Moneyball? Any serious team is doing this type of analysis and lots if it.

I did. It was a great movie and story.

They can fuck off from GAA with it the boring horrible simple cunts.


This sort of attitude is the reason Laois are shit at everything except steam rallys and incest.

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As a highly regarded IC coach once said to me, you wank yourself to death woth stats. Pick a couple of important ones and concentrate on that


0-3 from 30 deliveries into the forward line seems like an important enough stat to merit some concentration.

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If that’s where the games at were as well off. Sadly they’re not ignoring it

The incest jibe was unnecessary and suggests my dismissal of this shitehawkery cut you deep meaning you’re one of the bluffers promoting this shite in our game.

Shame on you

This is TFK pal. It’s built on unnecessary jibes.

Apology and climb down accepted.