Ibrahim Halawa


I’d say you’d be a great man to put a report together.


and here we have more deflection. 57 posts in here from this chap and not a single one addressing any factual information, just a concerted effort to bizarrely deflect and stifle the debate of facts.


There is no factual information. Just a tweet from an Islamophobic crackpot who is raging that a Muslim Irishman met the Taoiseach.


you are now acting like a dimwit to wiggle out of this which is pathetic but not totally unexpected.

the facts are clearly laid out, here they are…
1. Yusuf Al Qaradawi explains how gays should be killed.
2. Gay Irish pols @KZapponeTD and @campaignforleo welcome “VIP” Nosayba Halawa to Government Buildings.
3. Nosayba Halawa “likes” Yusuf Al Qaradawi. https://t.co/kYjdvlMXeK

you claimed i was a ‘thick cunt altogether’ for believing these facts.
Now you claim there were no facts. Thats just pathetic from you, your an awful fucking woman.

im going to leave this open for you, please outline the inaccuracies you claim exist here.


What has any of that got to do with Ibrahim Halawa?


who mentioned Ibrahim halawa?

This is more deflection. You are a pathetic and useless man.


There’s a clue in the thread title ffs :laughing:


he is not part of this exchange.
this is very simple. you were shouting your big mouth off, you claimed there were inaccuracies in the Mark Humphrys post, i implore you to outline these inaccuracies.


The only one shouting their big mouth off is you. And as usual, you are making a complete fool of yourself.


Ah so now you’re taking MH’s facts on board?


this is just more deflection and more insults. i fully understand why you are resorting to this.
i am dealing with facts. you dont have the intelligence to counter them. it may seem like me shouting but thats because you have difficulty accepting facts that dont match your small mindedness.


No, how could you possibly come to that conclusion?


You are not dealing with facts though. You are trying to shoehorn a tweet into your endless campaign against Ibrahim Halawa, even though you just admitted it has nothing to do with him.

It’s very very strange behaviour pal.


i am dealing with facts, they have been outlined for you several times due to your repeated evading of responsibility for your own ignorant shouting and roaring. you claimed they were not factual but you seem to think everyone should just take your word for it and leave it at that.

the facts and the evidence is piling high (notwithstanding Ibrahim preaching to MB rally) to show the Halawas connection to and support for some very very bad people within islamic fundamentalism.
But now ‘it has nothing to do with him’ according to you, which in fairness and im being kind here is not you being dim as fuck, its just a very very poor effort at deflection.


You are now saying it has nothing to do with Ibrahim because it relates to his father, are you not?


You are not dealing with any facts.

You are merely doing what you always do on here. Spewing out hatred and intolerance.

You seem like a deeply unhappy and angry individual. I think you should log off for a few hours and take some time to reflect upon why you are like this.

I hope you find some peace.


Who mentioned his father? You’ve lost me now.


Its not spewing hatred and intolerance to show that the Halawas are connected and support Al Qaradawi (who ironically spews hatred and intolerance), its just fact. Mark Humphrys who i know you clearly dislike has shown this time and time again. The link is proven. It exists. Its not going away.
Did you know daddy halawa invited AlQaradawi to Dublin in 2011 but the irish Government blocked it and barred him from the country?

You are just intolerant of the truth because it doesn’t suit your narrow mindedness.


Objectivity wouldn’t be a strong suit.


Structure man, structure.