Ibrahim Halawa


Close your hole.


Could one of the mental health experts on this forum please comment on this astonishing claim?

@labane1917 gets very offended at stuff like this, remember.


Fuckit, I was caught out by that as well. Isn’t it about that lad anymore @HBV?


its very much about him and his family, if you and @Matty_Hislop had read the facts and the evidence in the first place before jumping in roaring and shouting you wouldn’t need to be asking stupid questions like this one.


Jesus mate, will you make up your mind.


have you posted even once about halawa on this thread? jesus the trolling on this subject is desperate, it really brings out the headbangars. its a pity they wont address the issues.


What issues?


are you serious?

the Halawas connection to and support for AlQawadai for one which is specifically what started this episode yesterday.
@Matty_Hislop reckons we are all ‘stupid cunts’ for believing it but bizarrely refuses to say why.


Sure is. A self-admitted rapist arguing that an innocent man should be locked up, you’d almost think they didn’t actually believe anything they were writing.


tut, tut…
As “clinically insane” is a legal term rather than a mental health term, you need a legal expert, mate.
Very poor out of you, frankly.


Dreadfully lame comeback, mate.

You like to try and give it, but you can’t take it.

Clinical schizophrenia is the operative term for what you’re suffering.

Tut tut.




Sigh (in a tone of bored pity).


interesting development for ‘friend of the family’ Al Qaradawi and youd imagine Colm O’Gorman of Amnesty will be outraged that he has been tried and convicted in absentia. i guess this is one terrorist who wont be getting an invite to Clonskeagh now for daddy halawas 70th.


This is shocking but not unexpected from the clonskeagh mosque.
Where are the feminazis? Oh ye they are busy frothing at the mouth over a rape allegation that looks false.
This really confirms what we have been saying, that Daddy Halawa and Ali Salim are a right pair of dirty savages



Did you see the yahoo on prime time there now?


No. They are an awful back ward religion and culture though.
Iv a feeling there won’t be much discussion on this here by the likes of @glasagusban @Sidney & his sidekick @Matty_Hislop who usually line up to defend these savages.


they have moved onto the paddy jackson case, they don;'t give a shit about this little cunt now, there is no social media glory to be had


The poster @Sidney hasn’t time right now for little girls having their genitals mutilated by muslim men because he is awaiting the medical report on the vaginal tear in the paddy Jackson case


i remember you were accused of been a rapist at least once by the same poster as you made the outlandish claim that you had an orgasm after a natural encounter with a lady and not the result of stimulation using a wet football sock after sneaking into your sister’s bedroom when she was at school