Ibrahim Halawa


@HBV must be about 70? And he’s still sneaking into his sister’s bedroom to pull himself off?

He’s an even bigger freak than I imagined.

Still, if it keeps him away from raping her, let him at it.


It’s laughable how some Muslims (see comments). try and run away from the issue and claim it is an “African” thing and not a Muslim thing. If that’s true then denounce it you cunts and call for its abolishment and stiff penalties for those that inflict this horror on their children and in particular the pretend doctors who carry it out.

They won’t though because of course they agree with it as it fits perfectly with their view of women. Just like not being allowed out in public, drive, vote, walk alongside men, etc. the thought of a woman actually enjoying sex is repulsive to them.

Anyone caught inflicting genital mutilation on a female child in a western country should be barred from practicing medicine, and any cunt advocating for it should be deported or jailed.


100% correct.


They never come out against anything that is done in the name of the muslim religion. A terror attack and they say the people doing it are not muslim and yet within the community they would be seen as heros.

No one in the media will criticise them because they will be called rscists, bigots or muslim haters.


Does Mo Salah view these people as heroes?


But it’s a catch 22, any Muslims concerned about radicalisation in their mosques and communities are ignored by authorities terrified of being labelled as racist by snowflakes if they were seen to so much as investigate Muslims.


He’s a good Muslim, leave him out of it.


the leftists are in a difficult position now.
they invented a new word to try and stop people from judging the Islamist loons on their stoneage culture. Islamophobia they called it. A nonsense term but it has stuck due to snowflakes on social media.
Now they are stuck there sitting in silence at the righteousness of these misogynist and barbaric savages when it comes to them demanding the right to cut little girls genitalia off.
if this had come from a catholic Bishop the streets of this country would be filled this morning with snowflakes, leftists, professional demonstrators and normal people. And rightly so.
When Ali salem and Daddy Halawa say it the leftists and the snowflakes run for the hills.


You need to get your own house in order before you criticise anyone mate.


more silence and deflection on this most serious issue

it is more important for these virtue signalers to be seen win an internet argument than to concede as per this instance that the people they defend want the right to mutilate little girls.


The only one virtue signalling here is you.

Female circumcision is appalling and barbaric and anyone advocating for it to be done in Ireland should be either locked up or deported.

Your moral outrage would carry more weight however if you weren’t a self-confessed adulterer who funds the sex slave trade by using crack whores.


you are making that up

at least you are coming out against the Clonskeagh Mosque regime, finally.

i found this on Twitter and it sums this country up to an absolute t

2011: Clonskeagh mosque leader says gays should be killed.
2015: Clonskeagh hosts speaker who says Jews are “the brothers of apes and pigs”.
2016: President Higgins @PresidentIRL praises Clonskeagh.
2018: Clonskeagh supports Female Genital Mutilation.


That just sounds like some crackpot trying to discredit Michael D.


its 100% factual.


It’s all about context. That is framed to make it look like Higgins supports female circumcision, which is absolutely absurd.


its not. its only like that in your head because you are by default defensive when it comes to Clonskeagh Mosque. you and thousands of other snowflakes.

here is higgins in 2016 praising Clonskeagh “for the important role you have played throughout those two decades in enabling Ireland’s Islamic community to become fully engaged, and active members of their wider social and national community.”

he is the Presisent of this state not some leftist lunatic on twitter, if he choses for example to put the boot into israel and vouch for Hugo Chavez and Fidel castro then surely he can find time to comment on this most serious of cultural and social issue that is live right now in the country he is head of state of.


Snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes


Its a blizzard


It’s raining snowflakes on TFK this morning.


thats simply more deflection.