Ibrahim Halawa


It’s not.


ok, ill leave that dangerous little champagne socialist cunt out of it it thats important to you.

ill fully accept however that you have stated that you believe Ali salem and Daddy halawa should be either locked up or deported, thats enough for me and i see it as progress and a decent enough mornings work on the internet


Indeed. I don’t think he has much (and deleted)


Is Higgins just misinformed?


Well he’s certainly misformed.


i was 100% correct on this.

this is a serious human rights issue that the likes of @glasagusban @Sidney @tazdedub @Matty_Hislop etc etc etc seem to have no interest in


I’m really busy in work pal.

I engaged with you earlier on and tried to encourage you not to pay so much attention to these alt-right crackpots on twitter.

I hope you broaden your horizons and don’t let these guys whip you up into a frenzy.


i appreciate you are busy. you engaged to deflect btw just like you have done here again

maybe @glasagusban agus @Sidney @Watch_The_Break etc etc are all busy too. because it would be really fascinating if they had no interest in a human rights issue such as this which is currently newsworthy on this island


Why have i been lumped into this?


He’s lashing out pal, nobody is safe.


sorry, what side are you on again ?


My own thanks very much.


Listen to this cunt, an “academic” no less. Trying to make a distinction between FGM and female circumcision, and that the latter may be medically justified.

There is no medical justification for slicing off a girl’s clitoris or sewing up her vaginal entrance, you complete fuckwit.

Fuck this cunt out of the country.


thats the way it is gone now in Ireland, these cavemen muslims allowed to peddle their shite unopposed, snowflakes lapping it up


They wont be happy till we are all back living in caves


He should be fucked right out of the country but we’re too soft and full of lefty head bangers to ever do it.


there needs to be a reaction against them, enough is enough


They’re too captivated by Ireland’s celebrity sex trial to be bothered about thousands of Irish children being shipped abroad for mutilation.


he should be fucked out of the country and so should Daddy Halawa.
but for what?

for wanting sharia law in oireland?
for heading and housing the headquarters of an organisation (EFRC) who support suicide bombing?
for forcing the state to intervene when they invited a terrorist to speak in Clonskeagh who is banned from every civilised western country in the world? (al Qaradawi)
for bringing extremists into this country to entertain themselves behind closed doors at Clonkeagh (Salman al-Ouda, Wagdy Ghoneim, Aid al-Qarni)?
for wanting to burn all jews?
for promoting ‘death for all gays’?
for demanding the right to butcher little girls genitalia?


You get a lot of stick on here but fair play to you for defending the rights of the wimmin and the gays.