Ibrahim Halawa


I love wimmin

I think the gays need help but killing them as per daddy halawa is extreme, way ott


Just realised that other virtue signaller who usually has an awful lot to say suddenly has nothing to say, Young Halawas best pal Colm OGorman.
Amnesty international must be very busy drafting their statement on FGM. In fairness its a tricky one for colm he may as well get it right.


@HBV appears to be having a nervous breakdown here, lashing out left, right and centre and tagging people all over the place.

It’s absolutely fascinating to watch.


What does virtue signalling mean, lads? I’ve seen it mentioned a lot recently but have grasped the context yet.


When you get you’re full license you’ll be told about it.
It’s similar normal signaling but only full license holders can do it.


It’s when comely maidens signal their sexual purity to older male suitors, usually farmers, at barn dances.

It would be absolutely hilarious if @HBV turned out to not be a 70 year old lecherous, smelly creep of a man, but a fragrant, mildly attractive 19 year old woman.


It’s when people with no morals tell others how to live their lives.


Like Donald Trump?


Trump, Trump, Trump…
You’re the definition of a broken record


That’s a poor, childish response to a genuine point.

Is Donald Trump a virtue signaller?


Relative to wankers like you on the left, then I would say no.


The action of publicly expressing opinions that demonstrate your moral character or “right-on” ness.


Telling everybody who doesn’t applaud your crap speech that they’re “treasonous” for not doing so sounds very much like it fits your definition of virtue signalling to me.

Would you agree?


Telling an Irish forum how much you hate Trump several times a day is a much better example.


That doesn’t fit your definition at all.

I haven’t told anybody how to live their lives.

You on the other hand are constantly lecturing on how others should live their lives.

That makes you the biggest virtue signaller on this forum, at least by your own definition.


Give me an example of where I lectured people on how to live their lives.


You said we are all shit cooks


Please resist. The virtue signallers are deflecting from the FGM story and you are falling into their trap.


You advocated banning Islam.

That’s lecturing over a billion people that they should not be allowed to practice their faith.

That’s very much telling others how to live their lives.


I never said to stop cooking though.