Ibrahim Halawa


It’s be no surprise if @artfoley did really hate you you vile cunt


You’re proving my point, mate, you’re proving my point comprehensively.


You’ve never had a point comprehensively in your life and, for the avoidance of any doubt, it’s not happening here either.

Now I’ll leave alone as you’re clearly busy tilting at so many many windmills. That said, tortilla is making an excellent Sancho Panza to your Quixote.


“You’ve never had a point comprehensively in your life” :smile:

Why do you “debate” like a primary school child?

And a special needs one at that.


Good to see you’re staying classy when beaten


It’s always easy to be classy when debating with you.


So what you’re saying is that you are so maddened by me that you head to the gutter every time I bitch slap you around this place.


I laugh at you and take pity on you in equal measure, art.

Funny you use the word “slap” as that forms half of the word that always comes to mind about you.

I suppose, to engage with somebody who is permanently stuck in the gutter with no wish to leave, like yourself, one has to head towards it.


Your post succinctly demonstrates how removed from reality… but never mind, you keep tilting at those windmills of your mind


Are you by any chance confusing fgm and menstrual bleeding? Lots of blood in both cases but it’s different blood, ok?

But you are stopping short of condemning it yourself it seems.
But the notion of it being barbaric and carried out by savages is a given and secondary to people looking for those who think it should be allowed to be fucked out of this country.
If step one is seemingly beyond you then go to step two.


You seem to have windmills on the brain, mate. I’d nearly think you were high on Holland’s finest if you weren’t such an angry, bitter little man.


At 6 foot and 14 at I’m hardly little. But you my dear friend are a small man in so many senses irrespective of your height, girth and weight.


I’m still towering over you, mate.

In every sense.


You’re not. You’re the very definition of a small man


How unsurprising that you woke up with thoughts about blood.




Deflection. You are avoiding your thoughts on fgm.


Have a wee search there for my thoughts on Ali Selim and see what you can come up with, pal.


I want your thoughts on clonskjeagh mosque and the head honcho in there halawa who want the right to mutilate little girls genetalia.
Its simple enough either you back them or you don’t. I know you’d be outraged if the Catholic church, fg or macra na. feirme came out with that and you be looking for those organisations outlawed.
So , clonskeagh mosque and daddy Halawa?


Have you done the search?

It takes about five seconds.

Tell me what you find.

Are you up to the task or are you not?