Ibrahim Halawa


You were on here like a shot frothing at the mouth because you couldn’t take a gentle barb, mate, which obviously touched a very raw nerve with you.

You thought I was serious when I said you were an 11 year old who married your mother, didn’t you? :laughing:

It seems I touched a very raw nerve with you! :grin:


You did pal, you have me there. No more barbs from moi on personal circumstances, it’s unseemly.


Calm down with the barbs lads for a second.

In this case I dont think anyone here is in disagreement. That extremist proposing FGM in Ireland should be on the next plane out.


What went wrong in your life, mate? Why the terrible anger? Is there anything you want to pour your heart out about? You’re amongst friends here.


I think your confused.


Skull? What Skull?


I don’t want to post a video of an abortion. Nor do you want to view it. So we’ll say no more.


I’m very, very content mate. I disagree with your viewpoint on practically everything and think you’re a monumental cunt but, again, mentioning someones circumstances as a dig when I have no idea of the nature of those is a little much. So apologies.


If a skull is crushed in the womb, is anyone around to hear it?


Based on his silence and refusal to answer the question, we have to assume @Sidney is in favor of allowing Muslims carry out FGM in Ireland, as it is their culture, “inherited” culture as the academic put it.


What’s FGM, mate?


It’s fascinating to watch these very very strange people refuse to condemn Clonskeagh mosque and Daddy halawa for no other reason than they are in so deep with their support for the leftist cause of the century. It’s fucked up and a few lads here would want to take a good long hard look at them selves.
The basic human rights of young girls not to have their genitals hacked off by grown men is secondary to them not backing down on tbeir blind defence of Islam.




Muslims and knackers have carte Blanche to behave as they like. The laws dont apply to them, its tgeir culture.


Well done to everybody who has publicly voiced that they don’t approve of female genital destruction, including the self-admitted rapist.

You’re all now fully fledged “social justice warriors” and “virtue signallers”, whatever those terms mean, and congratulations to you on reaching that status.

Any chance one of you could set up a thread where people can log their opposition to murder? Perhaps one for genocide as well?

We’re badly in need of such threads - I’d hate for people to think this is a pro-murder and/or a pro-genocide forum.


Good to hear you can’t denounce female genital mutilation supported by Muslims, you ferociously stupid cunt.


Denounce rape, mate.


Seriously, you sound like a priest. And not a good priest like Fr. McVerry or Fr. Culhane in Chapo, more one of those mentalists that used to rant from the pulpit back in the 1950s.


Bit ironic you screaming at people that they’re rape apologists, seeing as you were planning a rape


Pathetic, weak response which makes you appear as a vile, hate filled person.

I feel sorry for you.


Yeah,good chap.its abundantly clear to most on here who’s the vile hate filled one here and it’s not the Humberside slaphead.

You’re an odious rape planning creep whos no fear of throwing the most vile and outlandish claims against other posters when you get caught in one of your usual logical paradoxes

It’s fairly obvious that this site is your only, very tenuous, interaction with reality.