Ibrahim Halawa


Why can’t you answer a simple question? What are you afraid of?




Can you alert the forum as to why you were sticking up for Ali Selim in 2015 when I was calling him a dangerous cunt, mate?


He’s afraid of the truth pal. The great majority of male Muslims living in Muslim majority countries insist on slicing off their female children’s genitalia.

Sid supports their right to do that as it’s their culture.


The clinically diagnosed nutter speaks. At 3:33am. :smile:


Daddy Halawas belief in the right of grown men to mutilate little girls privates must come before any consession in an online debate.
A very very very strange individual.


Fire up a link to the post and I’ll explain my thinking


You said “I don’t blame him”. Nice whataboutery and an attempt to shift blame away from him.

Here’s what I said in response.

I think it’s pretty obvious who has the clearer, more unambiguous thoughts about Mr. Selim and his beliefs.


Christ you’re one thick cunt. I was talking about nialler boylan in reply to Mac.


So, do you agree or disagree with Selim on whether Irish born children should be subjected to female circumcision.

He is unequivocal on this question.


He is indeed a very thick cunt.


You’re now trying to claim you didn’t say anything about Ali Selim at all?

This is hilarious.


I’m having great fun not deliberately not answering your questions purely to annoy the fook out of you and let you carry on in your fantastical delusions about what I think.

And you’re still on the end of my string, dancing.

Dance away, by all means.


“not deliberately not answering”… :rofl:


Well done on spotting that superfluous “not”, mate.

You’ve finally achieved something tonight, at least.


Get help


FGM is not a subject that deserves to be trolled.
You are a very very strange individual.


Yet you’re trolling about it.

Perhaps because you’re trying to virtue signal that you’re not really such a bad person despite being a self-admitted rapist.

Which is sort of self-defeating in your aim.


He cares far more about adult women in other jurisdictions who may or may not have been raped than he does about Irish children who have their genitals sliced off. While simultaneously supporting lenient sentences for pedophiles. One could easily jump to conclusions.


Sidney go wipe an arse.