In The Courts

The barrister has to act to the best of his/her ability. If the client pleads innocent they must give their best defence, but many go through the motions. They have to be careful though or they can be in big trouble, or leave cause for an appeal.

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Judge Martin Nolan

Pretends To Be Shocked Fake Shock GIF by AIDES

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Then again…

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How the fcuk does destroying the lives of at least three children warrant 6 years in jail?
Should be twenty.


That cunt Nolan……again

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He gave a lad with learning difficulties 18 months last week for exactly the same thing.

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From a good family.

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That headline is incredibly misleading and pure clickbait. I, as a result would avoid that site as a source of balanced information.

Long story short. 18yr old comes to Ireland from the UK where consensual age is 16 to meet a girl who told him she was 16. He was informed it was 17 in Ireland upon arrival here and claimed he was coming to Ireland to break-up face to face as he was concerned she’d harm herself otherwise. The indecent images were one-way traffic from her. Naïve? Most likely. A predator? Most likely not. Fair enough the judge is getting flack. The prisons have no space to put people. I doubt many of the twitterati that constantly share articles giving out about Nolan have rang their local election candidates voicing their support for building new prisons. Typical backward Ireland.


Hmm. I suspect this is one sided

I would assume given her age that perhaps she wouldn’t have been testifying in court, and they would be relaying info from the investigating officers so it’s hard to get a complete picture, but the headline does not represent fairly the entirety of the available information.

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Problem with Nolan and co
They’re hit n miss

I see some thick cunt of a juror made a fuck of trial for the guy accused of killing Paudie Palmer while drunk driving.

The juror took it upon himself to visit the location of the accident at the weekend and then informed the other jurors of his conclusions this morning.


"When interviewed by gardaí, Ortauf gave them his phone password and a number of images and videos of a sexual nature of the child were found.

About 20 images and ten videos of a sexual nature were discovered."

He’d fit in well here


Twas grand when Cian Lynch done it in an All Ireland final.

The boyos sound like awful chancers

A finglas Hutch amongst them. Related.

This lad seems like an unmerciful cunt.

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