Euro medic, that’s it. Couldn’t think of it.

What did they charge you, bud?


Nothing. I am on the vhi


I wasn’t at the time. It was a tumultuous period in my life and I was going through a number of changes and starting to get hair in strange places.


Was it an ovarian cyst?


I’m treasurer now. Club is in financial distress. I am trying to reduce overheads and this is one of the first ports of call. I agree its a shambolic state of affairs. I wouldn’t let the mother buy a €2 lotto ticket never mind seek sponsorship if I thought this situation would persist. Some lads not paying €50 for membership which they’d spend twice over on a night out boils my blood as well.


Results were inconclusive.


No membership no insurance surely?


No membership no registration no play


The rotten thing here Johnny is you’ll make a few enemies by doing the right thing.
Fair play to you.
You just need to explain very clearly to lads that the insurance isn’t paying the “physio”, and that every penny spent has been earned and donated by someone.
I’d get rid of the physio altogether personally b


I’ve signed up to do a 12 week physio course.


There you go @johnnysachs CM will do it for €50 a match.


I’ll even do the first match for free


And I bet he’ll have better yarns to tell than that other robbing bastard.


Are you Garda vetted?


Plan B lads, we need a Plan B.


He’s well known by the Gardai, will that do?


Setanta “college”?


Yes -


Anyone on the board suffer from tendonitis in the knee? How long would normally take to clear up


One for you here @caoimhaoin;topicseen#new

Monaghan have lost Barry McGinn for the rest of the year after he did his cruciate against Derry in the Shamrock Cup on Sunday. That was his third game in three days!!! He was on the UCD team that played in the Sigerson on Friday and Saturday before lining out for his county on the Sunday. That is utter madness. Poor fella. He was man of the match against Tyrone in the Ulster Final last year.
Did Monaghan really need to play him in a Shamrock Cup game after he’d already played games on the two days previous to it? Surely they already knew what he could do from last year.