Sounds like nerve damage.

The worst pain I ever had from a match was a kick to the back of the calf. Wasn’t too bad in the immediate aftermath of the game, but by 11pm that night I was crying in pain. There was nothing major wrong and cleared up after about 2 weeks.


Did you get this sorted? I just came in here to log something very similar when I spotted your post.

I overdid it fixing up a bit of heavy furniture last week and had a bit of sore back afterwards. Had a bit of pain in my back & glutes for the next few days but over the weekend have been getting really bad spasms/cramps on the outside of my calf when I stand or sit. Totally fine when I lie down. Went to physio but haven’t been making any great progress.


Yeah it cleared up but took two and a half weeks.

Strangely enough I played a championship match over the weekend and took and gave plenty of punishment and I’d say it was the first game ive played in three years where I didn’t have a pain or ache in my leg and even jogged the 3.5km back to the club the following morning for the car.


Yeah, coming around to the thought that I’ll just have to take it handy for a few weeks.


I was playing a game two weeks ago and landed awkwardly after winning a header, kind of came down with my leg fully extended. I felt a bit of a jerk in it at the time, there was only 10 or so minutes left so I played on although it wasn’t fully right in my movements.

Had a bit of swelling the day after and a slight bit of bruising near it though that could possibly be related to another unconnected knock.

I went for a run there this afternoon and I had a bit of soreness on the outside of my knee, running from where it connects with the calf up the outside of the knee joint. Nothing overly painful but just a bit sore and I don’t think the knee would be up to rigorous twisting and turning at the minute.

I’ve had bother with both knees before, I did my ACL on this particular knee and have suffered patellar dislocations on my opposite knee.

Is this likely to be cartilage or meniscus damage? I know you’re meant to get follow up surgery on the ACL knee to remove cartilage after a certain period of time.


You need to get mri.


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Back is gone… It’s like a nerve feeling on lower left side…probably inflamed , most likely after carrying 3 slabs half way across Cork Thursday night… Nurefon not doing much here.


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Heavy weights = spinal compression.

You have to build that spinal stability over time and squats deadlifts etc don’t do that alone.

You also need to learn to decompress after weight lifting


Took a heavy enough bang to knee in a match last Sunday. Knee swelled up a bit after the match but went down again after a couple of days. Little or no bruising and no real pain when I move/bend my knee or put weight on it but I have fairly intense pain when I touch the outside of my knee. Bad enough pain to wake me when asleep.

Anyone ever have something similar