Quite what?


Quite quiet


So my L5-S1 joints and the sacrum joint were slightly twisted and locked in position — leading to a slightly bulging disk with pinched nerve… I’ve had the joints popped back into place, or unlocked - just a little bit of nerve pain and a bit of s.i pain left but 100 times better…

Thanks to all for the messages of concern and prayers offered up . It was truly humbling.

@Horsebox - we were both right … I love you bro.


By a phsyio or a mystic?


Physical therapist…I don’t know why, but i rate them more than regular physios – I’ve been to three over the years and they’ve always sorted me where a physio hasn’t … But I wonder do physios play a longer game and get you to come back way more times than is needed and drag out treatments … But a good physical therapist seems to have a much more holistic approach … I could be way off tho.


By Mrs O’Sullivan’s size 5s


She has kept the drugs in full flow — wife of ex doctor —


Muscular related injuries - Physical therapist
Joint injuries - Chartered Physio


Prevention - get off your lazy holes and move


Well I’m very happy you’re better, bro. I just wish you’d listened to me 3 years when I first diagnosed you.

If any other TFKers have lower back pain, tight glutes or searing pain down the back of your legs, feel free to pm Dr. Horsebox for a free online consultation.


i don’t have pain down my leg – that’s the obvious sign of disk problem - my problem was the contorted vertebrae putting pressure on disk and pinching the nerve… i didnt have disk problems three years ago… thanks all the same, bro.


I said “or” pain down the back of your leg, bro. There can be numerous symptoms. You just concentrate on getting better and leave the diagnosis to the professionals, mate.


It’s not a fucking brothel you’re going to pal


You’ve obviously been going to the wrong places, pal


Sprained my thumb at squash this morning, guys.

Tried shoving it up my hole but it makes it worse.


Anyone else have issues with the Plantaris muscle in their calf? Seems to flair up on me at the start of every year


It’s the damp weather


F.A.O. @ChocolateMice


First game of the season and I think some fucker might have broken my big toe with a wild pull. At best I’d say I can kiss the toe nail goodbye. Can see the bruising coming up under it already and it is fairly throbbing this evening although it isn’t overly swollen but it is vibration in it when I give it a flick.

Assume there isn’t much the A&E will do aside from splint it if I go for an x ray


Lads anybody have issues with their calf? I badly injured it last year in our a county final, turned for a ball and when sprinting pulled up. Did a proper job on it, got physio and rested it for about 3 months over the winter. Then went playing a bit of astro and all seemed fine. Been back hurling training 2 months and the other night I felt it again, i haven’t pulled it but I feel a tweek.

I stretch it well before and after training… what else can I do?