Two very nice men … are you in Dublin or Waterford? It just dawned on me that there’s a very good knee/ankle man in Waterford


Dublin pal.


Any high dosage pain killers to get off your tits on?


Get well soon, pal. You’ll be a new man after it.


Best of luck. I suppose sid will have to kick the Pope on his own


Best wishes @Fagan_ODowd.

What hospital are you in? I’d like to send you a package.


What’s the timeframe to be walking about? Days?

If you need me to pop up and feed bobby just say the word. Or is the ‘nephew’ holding the fort


Best wishes @Fagan_ODowd. You’ll be back prowling in no time


Prowling with super powers. There will be no stopping you


I’m grand for pajamas @Bandage, but thanks anyway.


Anyone have experience of a fractured cheekbone? Confirmed for surgery later in the week, will be on turkey purée for the hols.


@glasagusban - IT band syndrome — early stages i’d say - pain on the outside of the knee - little bit of clicking / popping. - rest, anti-inflamms and foam rolling with a bit of stretching?


I never had any clicking or popping. Ice ice ice and anti inflammatories. Rolling may provide relief but isn’t in any way preventative. What set it off? I’m trying to build up my running a bit at the moment but I’m not confident that I will be able to keep it at bay.


Gone back to the gym in a big way — doing lots of leg work and then 6 aside astro and 11 aside on a hockey pitch … I suspect the latter is playing a part as the surface is old + tough … maybe new footwear.


the knee cracking and popping sounds like something i had, does it happen when you are going up stairs or getting up after sitting down…

it could be this patellofemoral pain syndrome. Rest is only real cure… No squats until pain gone


Yeah - pain when walking up hill / stairs … popping can be random when it happens.

I’m due my 6 monthly back treatment this Saturday ( this also affects hip) so I hope it might be related to that.


Running around playing soccer on legs tired from weights in the gym sounds like a recipe for disaster. If it’s sore don’t run on it, the inflammation builds and becomes much worse and much harder to get back under control.


Ah - football would be on different days obviously – i’ve just upped activity in general is all… hopefully it’s nothing serious and just connected to hip/back that i’m having sorted Saturday.


hip/back directly leads to the patellofemoral thing, also the IT band thing. Overcompensation on the knee joint basically. I had to sort out hip and lower back first to stop it happening.

Do you do any mobility/stability work?


I’ve slacked off … what do you do? whack up a few exercises there