Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


The left wing headbangers are hopping like bangers in a frying pan.


A meaningless attack. Hit a few empty buildings in the middle of the night, big deal.


I hope you’re right.


A few posts previously they werr cheese eating surrender monkeys, now they’re important allies.


Spot on.
If any of the toothless wonders in the west wanted to do something about Assad, they wouldn’t have waited until he used some chlorine. Far more people have been killed by his sadistic forces with conventional weapons.
The russians are pulling the absolute piss here and must be killing themselves laughing.
A few tomahawk missiles. FFS.


I’d say the creme de la creme of his weapons scientists were hanging around at four in the morning waiting to get hit alright.


Correct- shades of Bill Clinton’s attack on a Sudanese pillow factory in 98 about this whole affair


Russia and Iran already control the Middle East, or are as close to doing so as to effectively already have control.

Your message suggests that shouldn’t be allowed.

To change that would require a war of regime change in Syria at a minimum.

But haven’t you claimed you’re against that sort of thing?

Yet now, you appear to be for it.

Strange. It’s almost like you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.


Trump was all talk until the generals nicely pointed out the consequence of starting WW3. They probably agreed the target with the Russians FFS.


Well the Russians had nearly a week’s notice. That’s plenty of time for the removal men.

“Element of surprise”.


You’re a fucking gimp.

There’s no winners here just men, women and children being slaughtered.


Warehouses and whorehouses .


The message to Assad is clear, we’ll drop bombs on the heads of Syrian civilians to prevent you from gassing them.


Where did I say there were winners?

Don’t you have a hurley wielding march to attend?


Russia and Iran controlling the ME is a far bigger issue for Europe than it is for the US. The US is now largely energy independent (fully independent if you include finished products exports) and will be fully energy independent in the next 5 years.

Unlike the prior two US administrations, regime change in the ME is not a strategy of the current administration, thankfully.


I found it tremendously funny how you juxtaposed the words “current US administration” with “strategy”.


As you know mate the proxy wars that are going on has serious involvement from the US. They do want to be there and for a few reasons Imo, businesses/ weapons, oil, muscle, religion, dick measuring and control, which is the key one. If you haven’t read the chomsky article about red lines I put up you should, sums it up nicely, he has a great way of explaining fact.


Chomsky is a radical leftist nutcase who has supported some of the most bloodthirsty totalitarian regimes in history, including Pol Pot. An absolute fruitcake.


He is neither left or right Imo mate. . He is a serious operator and would mangle anyone on here and do it by producing simple facts. Have you a link to the pot pot support (sponsored by the us of course) ?


We’ll have to agree to disagree mate. If you don’t think he’s left wing then fair enough, but he’s not just left wing he’s radical left.

Denying the Pol Pot genocide was the most shameful episode of his career, surprised your not aware of it. He is also an out and out liar when confronted with facts that contradict his narrative.