Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


Any chance you could get a little bit more insane?

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An interesting list of individuals on the various boards


You have idiots trying to tell us that it’s about knocking out chemical weapons and dictators…


There’s some amount of cuntbags on that list.


Russia might have twitterbots but the really big boys fuck your currency.


that’s Tel Aviv 100%


Careful, that would be an international jewish money conspiracy


it probably is
itll be interesting to see how it plays out, a lot of bellicose rhetoric cc @TreatyStones from tehran calling for the destruction of the state and lots of poker games been played out in southern syria involving the 2,
so far its only israel carrying out any attacks, again all in the proxy syria zone and mainly on hisbollah targets that iran obviously sponsor
Tel Aviv raised the bar on Monday saying itll attack iranian air bases in syria, whilst i cant see this happening it just increases the pressure on Tehran to act as they re beginning to loose face at the moment with the continual goading … mind you israel are just waiting for one rocket out of hisbollah so they go in there guns blazing, there is something up tho, there is some international air force gig in ALaska soon and the IAF have pulled out for fear Iran could seize the opportunity when the gaurd is down, it was highly antcipated there would be something yesterday memorial day as the army are off duty but it never materialized,
looks its 4 years since the last gig with hamas in gaza, how did that start, well we had riots in Jaffa and an alleged kidnapping, the riots are going on for the last 2 weeks… we’re due an eruption soon


You’re correct - Israel needs to be wiped out.


there is probably a case for it and against it but the reality is that it and saudi are the two most secure and stabdl parts of that eternal madhouse and i cant see it changing in the future


It’s a tricky balancing act for the americans and israelis to keep sunni, shia and turks at each others throats while not letting one get on top of a large share of the resources.


Almost certainly gave the Russians plenty of warnings anyway. Still hugely risky though. The Russians are full of confidence at the moment having turned the civil war around for Assad. Their weapons are all the rage with the emirs at the moment apparently.

I wonder if the full extent of the American escapades in the war will ever come out. They gave weapons to all manner of lunatic throughout the conflict without having any real idea of who they were. By CIA estimates there was something in the region of 1,200 different militias operating in Syria at one point. It would be like if every brigade in the War of Independence flew a different flag and regarded themselves as an independent army.

The problem (for the Americans) was that most of these militias were happy enough to rule their own patch and had no intention of taking Damascus or anything like that, once they saw the Syrian army was going to fight. And that was the other big difference between Assad and say Gadaffi or Mubarak. The Alawites are a hated minority that were facing genocide if they lost the war. That tends to make people fight to the death in way you weren’t going to get in those other places.

Yet another foreign policy disaster for the Yanks though. Syria now bound by blood to the Iranians, Russia, and Hezbollah - with a battle hardened army of their own. You also now have a Shia back-boned Iraqi army that crushed ISIS after being reformed under Iranian guidance. The American controlled version evaporated during the initial ISIS offensive in 2014.

They’re back to only having Israel and Salafi jihadis on their side in the region, only now from Syria to Yemen the jihadis have been beaten by Shia armies and the mystique has largely been shattered.


Excellent analysis mate.
You’re forgetting Mission Accomplished though, so you’re probably fake news.
Until, that us, Assad starts dropping nerve agents from choppers over Idlib. Should happen in a few weeks.


I wouldn’t be so sure about Saudi Arabia. The ool price is killing them. They need it in the mid $80’s to break even and thats not going to happen any time soon. 12% unemployment (I found that difficult to grasp, but thats the story) and burning through their cash at a rate of knots.
They’ve started selling off the state oil companies piece by piece, but they’ll find it hard to attract buyers soon.
The reformist (tell that to the Yemenese) Crown Prince Mohammed might present a kinder, gentler more modern and dynamic Saud empire, but at heart they’ll always be shower of complete nutters and it could completely implode with serious bloodletting.


Rafa Benitez would make a good transition manager.


To replace Assad? Does Rafa have much if a relationship with Putin? I can see how you’d come to that thought, Rafa is good with teams who have been backed into a corner and hated by everyone else. I think Assad’s fine for the time being though.


The really crazy thing is that it ‘cost’ the Russians about 85 of their men to win in Syria. Pretty stark contrast with 4,400 American servicemen lost in Iraq.


Big difference between backing up an army fighting vs propping up a rabble Iraqi army


Where did you get those figures from?


Didn’t they lose 500 of their mercenary troops last week?