Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


The Russians have mastered blurring the lines between soldiers and not soldiers.
Like the Russian soldiers who annexed Crimea while on holidays.


That’s not some Russian innovation. There hundreds of American & Brit ‘contractors’ killed in Iraq. The yanks started the Vietnam war with ‘advisers’.


They weren’t ‘propping it up’, they created it over 10 years at an enormous economic cost. Then 1000 ISIS fighters made shit of it in no time at all.

If the story ended there it would be bad enough, but the reformed Iraqi army backed by Shia militias then defeated ISIS after the American version had disintegrated. Rendering mute all the Yank talk in 2014/15 about Iraqis having no bravery, culture of service etc.


They didn’t do it on their own. They had massive support from the Kurds and international forces led by the Yanks. And they massively outnumbered ISIS.


Also, with most of the rebels now concentrated in Idlib, there is now massive potential for genocide and humanitarian disaster on a bigger scale than already seen since 2011.

Winning in most of Syria is one thing for Assad. But what happens to Idlib now?


They have no idea what to do.
They will just idlib it…


Idlib is going to be absolutely flattened and at some point when they grow tired of this, Assad’s forces will once again use chemical weapons. And then the west will be outraged and fire a few expensive looking missiles at Syrian targets hours after telling the Ruuskies and Syrians precisely what they’ll target and yadda fucking yadda.


They outnumbered ISIS around 30-1 first time around.


Idlib will become a tinderbox and could well be the touchpaper for a wider Sunni-Shia conflict. It’ll be the next Gaza but far more dangerous.


Oi oi, things maybe getting naughty in the Kingdom?

Goddamit, just as HHH arrived too


Jaysus :popcorn:


Which “ITK” sitting at a computer in Nottingham, Pittsburgh, St. Petersburg or wherever, and speculating on Twitter, is the best to follow for this story?



Those Saudi are fuckers. Shooting down a toy drone like. They should be bombed.


They gave a long time trying to hit it.


The War On Toys grows ever more sinister.

Now is the time to take a stand and say: “Toys ‘R’ Us”.


Israel are gearing up in the wake of Donald’s pulling out of the deal.


That’s just what Syria needs, a war between Iran and Israel on their land


You may fill up the car in the morning


Nicola Sturgeon must be laughing !!