Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


The Israelis are gagging for this.


The Israeli are getting the iron dome ready.


Sounds like the name of a gay nightclub.


Netanyahu would love to drag the US into a war with Iran.


He won’t have to drag.
Did you see his press conference last week? Beyond bizarre


What happened to all the anti-war right wingnuts?


Benji needs a war to distract from his personal gains via corruption which is gathering traction in Israel. Shameless


im in israel ATM for the cup final tonite
bibi probably will follow Ehud Olmert and be the second israeli PM in recent years imprisoned in the near future for massive corrption (well its just normal enough corruption on say a FF sense but in israel its zero tolerance)… Olmert got 7 years for taking bribes to influence property developenents in jerusalem, bibi was trying to influnce a newspaper and telecomms company but also he did an Ivor Callely on it with cigars instead of Cellphones
anyway, that aside there is no better way to get the extreme right on board and radicalise those on the edge by starting a war , i think he has backed the wrong horse tho, most people arent too bothered with iran and wont react the same way as say 2014 when they went in to gaza after the 3 murders, most people think its utterly ridiculous and a massive waste of public money,itll blow over id imagine , and i can see him standing trial pretty soon.
remember - israel’s government is an extremly complex coalition and for Likud to stay in power they need the most bizarre of right wing haredim (orthodox) and settler parties to back them, now both of these have no interest in a war with Iran, the hardeim want to install a draconian way of life on the countryclose the place on Saturday, prevent religous people serving in the army and increase funding to the orthodox whilst the settler parts have only one obvious agenda, but a war with iran??

the misson also is to crush Iran and save face, bibi loves a big thumping speech like 2 weeks ago on the news- their currency is in bits, unemployment is massive and they certainly wont attack israel (well they might via hisbollah) , the goading of iran is ramping up, more of their bases were bombed last night in syria , its all provoking them to strike, which they wont id imagine, but for Netanyahu’s sake he hopes they will


Why is it every time @mickee321 goes somewhere war breaks out?


What’ll happen when he leaves Kildare?


Death toll now up to 52 Palestinians, including at least 8 children.



In ‘clashes’


There will be stern reprimands from the international community.

Something like this.


Heard some lady on the radio earlier saying the Israelis could have resisted the Palestinians rushing at them by using a human chain


Niall Harbison has hit back, every tweet will play it’s part



Apparently it’s hip to laugh at massacres of unarmed people these days.


Who’s laughing at massacres?


I think this is outrageous but not surprising obviously.

Echoes of Bloody Sunday but over treble the deaths with kids included.

US are blaming Hamas as the Brits blamed the IRA.