Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


I read fox online and they said 52 terrorists were shot dead. Still says it.:weary:


Bloody Sunday isn’t a patch on what’s happening today. They’ve shot nearly three thousand people.



The performance of Israel’s ambassador to the UN on this evening’s Channel 4 News was frightening stuff.

A complete nutcase who shouted and bullied for five minutes straight. A more repulsive individual it’s hard to imagine. I’d say even @HBV would come across as a grand chap in comparison.

Cathy Newman’s questioning of him was pathetic. “Did Israel use excessive force?”

Yeah, Bloody Sunday of course was that “incident” we all remember as “a possible use of excessive force”, and not a grotesque, cold blooded massacre of innocents. Like today.



Ah good old Bezos Post. Fuck off @Fitzy, try and use your brain for a change. Israel is the only democracy in the ME and had the right to defend itself from Muslim hordes who want to overrun it and turn it into another Islamic paradise like all the shitholes that surround it. If you’re feeling so guilty, campaign against your government and demand they give back their seized land to the aboriginals.

Having said all that I disagree with the use of live munition by the IDF.

  • including your swimming pool.


You’re all over the shop here mate



Those slingshots could do serious damage.


That might be credible coming from someone who didn’t sing songs about kids being blown to bits down the road from them.


Maybe, just maybe, if they weren’t keeping the Palestinians trapped in an overpopulated open air prison and using their access to electricity, water etc as negotiating tactics. Then maybe the Palestinians wouldn’t be so angry at them all the time



Racist and demented.





Nikki Haley told the UN that Israel acted with restraint before walking out when it was time for the Palestinian delegate to speak.


Nikki Haley does a very good Goebbels impression.


Comical Haley


Nikki Haley will be the next President of the USA.


Probably . She will be VP next time


I wonder what became of Simon Coveney’s ‘summoning’ of the Israeli ambassador yesterday.

Congratulations on the Eurovision victory probably.

Speaking of ambassadors I thought the Palestine Ambassador spoke very well on Six One yesterday evening.