Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


in the NY Times he was quoted


Ok Yoda, thanks for that.



She has a point


Off the top of my head I don’t think that’s right. Can’t remember 100% now but I seem to remember Chomsky saying that Kissinger’s humanitarian response to the Kymer Rouge was good but comparing it negatively with his response to other humanitarian disasters. (In other words just typical Chomsky) I used to read a lot of him when I was a teenager.

I wasn’t aware that this was an issue. I see now that there’s loads online about this, even full Wikipedia pages, but it’s hard to see what he was really trying to say. Probably just his typical “but what about the US!” line.

"Chomsky, he said, questioned “refugee testimony” believing that “their stories were exaggerations or fabrications, designed for a western media involved in a ‘vast and unprecedented propaganda campaign’ against the Khmer Rouge government, ‘including systematic distortion of the truth.’”

That’s not great now from Chomsky’s POV but it was all way back in the 70s, a very heated atmosphere, he wouldn’t still say that now.

Chomsky said that when Vietnam liberated Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge it was a rare example of humanitarian military intervention but he also says there were US lads killing even more people before the KR came along (not 100% sure who he means)


Full Iran vs Saudis war getting closer all the time. Only for the Saudis have the US behind them I’d imagine it’d already be underway


The price of petrol would go through the roof . A 53,000 All Ireland hurling final attendance circa 1979 @Fagan_ODowd


The electric car revolution will have to be brought forward


Can’t happen soon enough and let the cunts fight over sand dunes.


Iran would kick the living daylights out of them in a 1-1


Ya unlikely the Israelis or the US would stay out though. No way Israel allows them win that war


Throw up a tale of the tape .


That is the point. The US surely would not let this happen while Trump has managed to find the true opponent in China.


Here you go mate. I whipped this up over the weekend


Doesn’t help that the Saudis are the laziest people on the planet.


Good man . Your experience of analyzing the squads in the West JHC give you real credence here .


that goes for all arabs tho
an apalling work ethic
completely disorganised also- there is a reason why no form of manufacturing industry can ever survive or would ever dream of locating to one of their countries

and that culture of saving face - they all want the last word, all want to show they are “smarter” with the I got three pieces of lamb for the price of 2 gone off ones in the local shop from Waahib

impossibe people


Sound just like the Carkies


Presumably the reason the Turks know what happened the chap in the Saudi embassy is that they have the bejaysus bugged out of it but they can’t admit that.


When you hear that Putin is now communicating via letter writing, you realise everyone has everywhere bugged. Because if anyone would know who’s bugging, its Putin.