Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


The Saudis are getting bould. They know Trump will do nothing


Of course. The Yanks need the Saudis as a counterbalance to Iran in the region.


Only a matter of time before Iran and the Sauds go at it directly you’d feel.


Good piece on it here. Touches on the real 9/11 conspiracy. That the Sauds were up to their necks in it.


By god

Their not-so-secret mission? To torture, then execute, Khashoggi, and videotape the ghastly act for whoever had given the order for his merciless dispatch. Khashoggi’s body, Turkish officials say, was dismembered and packed into boxes before being whisked away in a black van with darkened windows. The assassins fled the country.


Of course they were/are. And the Yanks and Brits mates’ too. Is that a conspiracy?:thinking:


Apparently they have the audio and video of the murder. As you said they must have had the whole place bugged.


This is pure mad, the Saudis have no history of executing dissidents outside their borders (obviously lots within Saudi). I’d say the most likely outcome is they will claim it was unauthorized and throw some high ranking official under the bus.


The victim recorded it through his Apple Watch and uploaded it to the cloud. Plus the Turks had it.


@Fagan_ODowd is now the forums espionage expert :clap::clap::clap:


Apparently your man Khashoggi recorded the whole thing on his Apple Watch. That’s how the Turks know what happened.

I didn’t know that Apple Watches had a video recording capability?



Or that is what the Turks would like people to think. I’d imagine your original theory is far closer to the truth



Makes sense. Strong parallels with his prowling.


CNN are reporting that the Saudis are about to admit that Khashoggi was “accidentally” killed during an interrogation that went wrong.

Gas cunts.


Ah thats ok then. Nothing to see here


don’t forget it was an unauthorized interrogation…


Just a bit of high jinks really


all fun and games til someone literally loses an eye.

wonder if yerman was any relation to the arms dealer khashoggi?