Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


There was some African country I read about recently where China built their new parliament building for them :grinning:


Ah that’s brilliant :joy:



So true. These animals need to be left to their own devices. Leave them their own part of the world where they can behave like cavemen and let the rest us of us get on with life.


Let the people who want away from barbarism move to the west. Let those who want to keep it and sharia law stay the fuck there, or get booted back there. Unfortunately the snowflakes cant admit the distinction


I’d agree with that alright to an extent. Difficult to get right though.


Here’s another one:


They didn’t hand over the administrator password I’d say.


You probably know this but when Ireland wanted to make new ordinance survey maps back in the day, the Israelis agreed to photograph the entire country for free from their spy planes. We got free maps, they got all the info for if they ever needed to bomb us.


I never knew that


Jaysus …


Never happened


so it was an ordnance survey ?


What year is he talking about?


@Fagan_ODowd - I see Turkish intelligence have ‘obtained’ audio of the beating/ torture and murder of the reporter … it just fell into their lap.


I broke that story over a week ago.


In fairness to you, noone doubts your knowledge when it comes to spying


Shure the Chinese have been in Africa for years building roads and shit for “free”.All they asked for was the PIN number.


Great bunch of lads to work.


To be honest that sounds like we got a great deal.