Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


These things happen …


Leaked today that the Sauds sent over a body double as one of the 15. He left the embassy and went around taking in a load of sites in Istanbul. They hoped the Turks would think it was the journalist, but weren’t counting on the Turks having the Saudi embassy rigged up like the Big Brother house.

The Turks are really killing the Sauds with their constant drip release of information. Them sending over a body double doesn’t really tie in with the whole “fist fight” story. Sauds are lucky it’s Trump in the white house as anyone else would feel compelled to enforce some sort of sanction, no matter how weak.


Bit in the Times today about the weakness of America to act since the 70s … Saudi’s using American greed against them.


id nearly put money on it that when they had khashoggi held down and before they got to work, that they got the prince on speakerphone, so khashoggi would know it was down to him
tomorrow in the Turkish parliament is where its at when Erdogan reveals all, if the CIA don’t get him first.


4 phone calls between Saudi embassy and the palace on the day in question. There’s no getting away from this one.


Turkish media are reporting the prince asked him to return to Saudi and he refused because he was afraid he would be arrested and killed.


The Turks are master WUMs


It’ll blow over after sufficient grandstanding and some Saudi functionary having his head lopped off.


be something like this


Have the Turks basically admitted they’d the place bugged then?


I think they’re still trying the apple watch fig leaf.
In truth, they either were a. So horrified by this barbarism that they felt morally compelled to release what they had, or b. Weighed up the pros and cons of the bugging being exposed vs the political expediency/capital/leverage, and decided that on balance it was to their advantage to release the audio.
I’m not going with a.


B all day




Trump and the Saudi’s will send a bag full of cash/And or whatever they want to Turkey tonight.There’ll be no big reveal tomorrow. Turkey will probably bomb the shit out of the Kurds or some mad shit next week and there won’t be a word about it.


I wonder what he can say that we don’t know already :thinking:


That they rang Donald Trump during the interrogation and he told them to "cut his fucking balls off "


Makes sense.


The thing that would really ramp it up would be proof that the Saudi leaders knew it was happening (obviously they did). That’d be the last of his lies exposed and it’d be hard to get around that.

Erdogan is milking the shit out of this. He sees himself as a Sultan of a new Ottoman Empire and the Saudis are a major hurdle.


I was wondering what his angle was. He’s a complete cunt in any case.


Drip drip drip. Thank you, now we can afford to fix it