Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


Wasn’t Erdogan supposedly a friend of Khashoggi?


They were both in the Muslim brotherhood


Erdogan added nothing new really. They were expecting him to release recordings or video that he has, but he’s holding them in reserve presumably to see the Saudis squirm a bit more not knowing what exactly he’s holding in his hand.


I see most of the companies who supposedly pulled out of the big Saudi investment conference still sent representatives in place of their CEOs. Some sham


Money talks



Were they ever missing?


I have the supposed pictures here and they are rather disturbing.


The Turks were watching on the whole time — they recorded the murder and dumping of body parts.


What the absolute fuck.


Mad bastards






Ah lads, is that genuine?


Christ above spoiler that shit, I did not need to see it


I’m in an awful way here … I was in a state of sheer joy after my morning meditation — that’s been shattered now.


No need for Erdogan to say anything when he was going releasing those pictures I suppose


Found buried in the Saudi Consul generals garden apparently. They were hardly that stupid


Which parts of him?


Delete those graphic images you fucking clowns.