Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread




Who’ll be first to update their avatar?


Thought they were halloween pics.



Trump can’t get away from this now — He’ll still do the square root of fuck all tho.


He will just blame Obama and Hilary.


Apparently some sanctions are due to kick in on Iran linked to the nuclear agreement from November and it will affect their ability to export oil. The Saudis have already agreed with the Yanks to pick up the expected drop in global production to protect the global market. So they will do fuck all.


They done him good and proper


You know you’re dealing with one of the real bad Saudis when the irises of his eyes are just all black


they done him up like a kipper


Put those in the members area ffs


In fairness to Erdogan he’s absolutely destroyes the Saudis. I don’t see how they can ever regain credibility and it will forevermore be more difficult for the US to be close to them. The biggest result is it will be harder now for the US to credibly take action against Iran.

If I ever get a call to go visit the Saudi embassy I’d think twice about it.


@Bandage - if those pics aren’t taken down i’ll begin legal proceedings against the site.


Both the US and Saudis will keep the heads down for a couple of months and continue on as normal. This will change nothing. Sure look at Putin. He annexed Crimea and shot down a passenger jet and nothing happened over it.


its an awful pity yerman @sidney isent still around he’d have gotten a bit of ‘pleasure’ from images like that


Poor Rafa :confounded:


Oh look who it is. “Geopolitical George” with his considered analysis of proceedings. You make me sick, you despicable bastard.


That photo is going to haunt me.
Fucking hell. Like a horror movie.

Is it real


It has completely shattered my PMA today… I’m just about keeping the wolf from the door.


Man up FFS. You’d never have been fit to drown a a bucket load of kittens, the scraggy wee shits.