Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


Take that back.


whats that one?


the fella whom filmed that one of the pilot in the orange overalls getting burnt alive in the cage in supposed to be living in sixmilebridge


one of the meehans?


They gave him an awful doing. They bate the shite out of him before it.


@Copper_pipe has promised the forum he will have it to us all by bedtime


They’re taken down now but are the same ones I was sent yesterday, kid? There’s a frank and beans placed beside a flayed skull in one photo.


Big movie and cinematic culture down there.


What are ye crying about, you’d see worse on Game of Thrones.




Fuck this, I’m off to


is that still going?


You could shave with the machetes they were using. Good lads with an oilstone I’d say.


The lad with the helicopter is still a classic.


the helmet certainly proved very useful :smiley:


The two boys who clicked that will never be the same again.


Hours spent on that site in various computer labs in UL back years ago. You’d have AFR open on another tab


What parts of your man were on the pics that were posted there lads? @Tassotti


Some amount of little squealing bitches in here today.


The one of his face was the most gruesome. There was also a pic of his leg and both of his arms…