Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


Was that not the landscape gardener from cork


head, face and lad


I thought those were his eyeballs and lungs.

Basically @Smark a photo of his skull which had been scalped and the face ripped off and the face laid out in front of it like an empty plastic bag. Face apparently still connected to lungs or windpipe. Also apparently two eyeballs lying around but @Tassotti seems to think testicles.


His balls and circumcised mickey were on display.


His lungs? Do you have any idea what a lung looks like?


I may as well post them up again altogether


After two tours with the FCA i’ve seen things that i’ll never be able to erase from my mind – those pics yesterday brought back some very traumatic memories for me — My first camp was in Clonmel … awful place.


Focus on putting up the Ms NI vid


Not much to see in it, faked orgasam and yer man might as well faked his judging by the ending. Two spoofers.


Skinned the poor divil alive, removed his face and laid it flat on the floor in front of his head.
His cock and balls then still fully assembled and thrown down in front of it.

Fucking animals.


They are still in the dark ages, still cant believe the hid the body parts in the grounds of the consulate. Fucking gobshites.


Asked by a reporter in the White House Oval Office how the Khashoggi killing could have happened, Trump said: “They had a very bad original concept. It was carried out poorly, and the cover-up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups.”

He’s not wrong in fairness. There seems to have been serious planning put into the hit, getting all the right guys there etc. but absolutely no thought put into the aftermath apart from having a lad who looked kind of like him wear his clothes out of the embassy and go for a stroll.


Well fair fucks to that lad, he’d balls the size of fists, although they didn’t get him anywhere good.


The drivers of motor vehicles with ICE have blood on their hands

Cc @The_Selfish_Giant


This is all kinds of fucked up. They forced the son to meet the lad that organised the hit and shake his hand while they filmed it. The son is trapped in Saudi Arabia apparently, forbidden to leave. There’s a few films that start off like this and it never ends well for the bad guys.


The guard in the background with his hand on the gun, in case it all kicks off, just adds to it


This Saudi’s are evil fuckers. I’m sure the son didn’t go to meet the Prince voluntarily. Imagine having to face this guy knowing what he has done. Can’t see things ending well for the son or anyone related to the reporter.



same thing crossed my mind. khashoggi jr needs to go all Kaiser soze on the house of saud.


An awful pity he hadn’t a bomb strapped to himself


its outrageous really that this is happening, the barbarism of these muslim savages really is something to behold. and the permanently outraged looney left in oireland havent an interest in the world about it.
surely Trevor Hogan and Richard Boyd Barrett should be organising a flotilla and setting sail for the Persian Gulf?