Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


What’s even more outrageous is the Yanks supplying these lunitics with billions of dollars worth of arms.


A decent number of big US investmant bankers were in Riyadh yesterday settling a 30 billion dollar deal.

Gas cunts.


Indeed, 400b arms deal to the mad cunts. Crazy shit



Has this disappeared from the news since the postal bombs yesterday


Coincidental timing alright isn’t it?


Luckily Padraig Harrington is on hand to shine a little light into the darkness of Saudi Arabia


Good man padraig. Irfu reasoning for apartheid strike busting. I’d say he makes more money giving motivational talks to those King of rubby goys these days than playing golf in any case. He knows which side his bread is buttered.


Has the Saudis being animals gone away already?


If the Saudis had anything to do with this it’ll be interesting.


Thats a terrible thought, to think that the Saudi’s could be involved in something like this. Saudi Arabia is a peaceful loving nation that treats everyone the same. :slight_smile:


In other positive Saudi PR news


By god




The thot plickens

Jamal Khashoggi strangled as soon as he entered consulate, prosecutor confirms

I like the bit where the Saudis invited the Turks to Riyadh to interview the lads but only under Saudi supervision :joy:


You’d like to think that they pealed his face off and cut his nads off when he was dead, but I doubt it.


But it’s sweep sweepery


The entrance to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul reminds me of a sleazy night club in the Canary Islands .


Why, Is @HBV outside it with his son and a roll of 50s?


These places wouldn’t be knocking shops as such . Just a grand sleaziness to the places .