Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread




I don’t want to bother reading up on this: first they were saying he was still alive as they were cutting him up, now they’re saying he got strangled as soon as he walked in the door. Are the Turks changing their story or did they just strangle him a little bit?


They are seriously mugging off the Sauds


The Turks a playing a blinder here with the drip drip approach of information. Wonder what else they have of the Saudis?



What’s happening in Gaza???

My sources say there is some serious shit tonight?


Looks like erdogans plan has worked to a tee


The Saudi investigation has recommended the death penalty for the five suspects they’ve identified, and completely exonerated the crown prince.
I wouldn’t want to be wandering round Saudi bearing a vague resemblance to any of the suspects.


The best way to keep them quiet.


I wonder how.much the CIA / White House knew about the murder before it happened? Or what logitistical aid was given to the Saudis?


None I’d say. Why would you think otherwise?


Your man went in willingly to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul . He was a journalist . The whole thing seemed a fairly basic thuggish murder , like something in a Mafia file . It required little planning let alone a cross intelligence community conspiracy .


Apart from the 11 fellas they flew in on a private jet?


I just saw Trumps statement. Mother of god :grinning:


Unlikely CIA had any knowledge though .


To be honest he is saying the west will tolerate a certain degree of Saudi cuntishness . Basically that has been the policy of the west over the last 40 years .

The Saudi state is a cesspit and an exporter of Islamic terrorism .

The west has no moral authority to deal with anything as long as we have any trade with this country .


It would seem logical that a country (the US) providing massive arms, training and logistical support to the Saudis would also have an intelligence sharing arrangement. I would think there is every probability the US was well aware of this operation before it happened.


Absolutely. Not to mention the 3500 people they killed in the US on September 11th.


Yes . And Iraq and Afghanistan took the subsequent punishment beatings . The state is a sponsor of wahhabism and has created a web .

As I say as long as the west continues to cosy to them we have little moral authority.


Could have been a stag party and they got their consonants mixed up.