Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread




We sent the clean up crew.


How about you clean up your mess in Yemen?


Is it a bit of a stalemate? If Iran leave then Saudi Leave and we can get on to rebuilding. Or perhaps Iran wants to stay there.






  • a rocket “belived to be from Syria” was just shot down over Hadera - (city half way between Netanya and Haifa)
  • this apparantly is in response to an IAF attack on a hisbollah arms dump in Damascus where an IAF jet was possibly taken out
    now all of this may or may not be true but Channel 10 (arutz 10) was put on there awhile ago and they are reporting this…

in other news Bibi dissolved the Knesset yesterday with elections for April- a hung parliament will be returned for the third successive election but Likud will get the most votes so they will have that manadate again to form a government and another bizarre right wing coalition will be returned - he is possibly facing jail time next year for Ehud Olmert levels of corruption and as the cost of living in israel soars people are demanding change- having a Haredi health minister a a settler movement backing up the cabintet is one way to antagonise the secular population who pay all the tax ,
however - this type of skirmish with hisbollah always favours bibi - itll polarise a few normal people and get the hardliners on board…


The Turks are going in to the north as well to drive out the Kurds who’ve been abandoned by the US yet again. Israelis will not be happy with what is basically a Iranian army on their doorstep. Can see them at the very least bombing the shit out of them once the US are gone. The poor Syrians aren’t out of the woods yet




No @Mac.


@mickee321 is Bibi’s auld fella still alive?


Trump is pulling US troops out of wars that they shouldnt be involved in. He deserves credit for that in fairness.


I don’t know.
His brother is feted as a war hero and his sons are the focus of various undercover weekend newspaper stings where they are caught with hookers, etc. Sara the wife is also in trouble.

Israel have a record of throwing high level politicans in prison. Olmert the classic example I 2014 and moshe katsav also. .all white collar crime

Meanwhile ariel Sharon facilitated sabra and shat Ila massacres in 1982 and got off


Edit…katsav was for sexual assault



The Turks threatened the Kurds they were going to invade the part of Syria that they are holding, so the Kurds have left the area to the Syrian army. The Kurds weren’t really fighting the Syrians but they aren’t exactly allies either. Syria is a really bizarre place at the moment. Kurds have pulled back to a more defendable position behind a river and have also taken away the Turks excuse to invade. It also isn’t really an area they had much interest in historically so it’s a fairly smart move on their part. The yanks pulling has left them exposed. Be interesting to see if the Turks leave it at that or what their next move will be



Pep has blood on his hands


Paul Reynolds told Morning Ireland there this morning that the chap picked up by the Kurds in Syria with an Irish passport had been subject to very close monitoring by the Gardaí. I’d say he had alright. That’s be why he had no problem getting Irish citizenship.