Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread




The kurds are some boys- incredible racists
if and when they ever create their state it will be the most racially pure there is - itll be a like Israel on steroids.
they have a rather large chip on their shoulders


They’ve been beaten from pillar to post. They have gender equality pretty much compulsory. I like them a lot.


I wonder would they like to advertise on tfk?


same as Israel in that regard anyway
we’ll know all about it tho whenever they come online as country


Is there any prospect of that?


I see they are now spinning to say that he was radicalized after he got citizenship.


Why didn’t they revoke his citizenship when it became clear to them that he was such a serious ISIS operative?


You’d never know when one of them serious operatives would come in handy?


I’d say the guards filled Garda Reynolds with blather this morning about how all over this character they were until the inconsistencies in the context of his citizenship came to the fore. There’s a ferocious rowback all over the media now about what they knew and when.



What’s this chart telling me? What do the numbers mean?


There are 724.64 ISIS foreign fighters for every Muslim in Ireland.


So 724 out of every 725 Muslims in Ireland have left to join ISIS?




So I had to go away and google this myself. The figure refers to the number of ISIS fighters per million Muslims in the population. There are according to the same study an estimated 30 Irish citizens in ISIS but since we have so few Muslims it skews us up the table.
For some reason the headline titles on the version @gaillimhmick put up have been altered. Presumably to create the impression that there are 700 odd Irish citizens in ISIS



So there are about 50K Muslims in Ireland?


Be about right i’d imagine