Iraq / Middle East / Murder Thread


Apologies. I pulled it from a twitter feed which indicated that Ireland had the 2nd highest pro-rata Jihadist population in the world. I took it for what it was and failed to notice the lack of information on the chart. I’ll try and up my game :disappointed_relieved:


Well that is technically true. We have the second highest number of fighters per million Muslims. It’s only 30 in total though. I wonder are many of them back knocking around at home


30 of them lads would do fair damage if they put their mind to it.


Not at all the guards are all over them like a rash. We have a top notch police force to keep these folks under control.


I think the plan is to give them passports so they can fuck off.


A few bad eggs are bound to slip through when over 100,000 have been granted citizenship in the last 7 years alone. Great election ploy by FG in fairness, the cunts.


Afaik Ireland has never revoked anyone’s citizenship (I’m open to correction on this as it was told to me by a civil servant who worked in that area while he was locked).

He said the only reason it is ever even looked in to is if there is an element of fraud in how it is obtained, rather than any general scumbaggery after you get it.


Too much paperwork to bother?


Would probably be appealed to high heaven. TDs, NGOs and ambulance chasing solicitors would all be on straight away.


They’d have to send away for the forms


I wonder would Mary Robinson be on hand to take this troubled young lady back to the living embrace of her family.



Always good to blend in with the surroundings in a firefight.


Them tipp lads love a fight


I think that was the Limerick lads on holiday.
PJ took the photo


I bet he threw a few shapes before firing that errant shot, hid and then bid a hasty retreat.