Ireland politics (Part 2)

The SD waiting for the speech to de delivered

The state of the Labour candidate

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The big blueshirt making good use of the can of Heineken

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That Eoin O Malley is an obnoxious cunt.

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Son of Dessie? Or have I gotten that badly wrong?

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That SD candidate is only looking in the door to be offended by something

Poppy Cairns. Must be some relation to Holly?

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Think it’s her younger sister

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I think that weird YouTube account John Cuir was a big fan of her. I recall her tweeting about it in faux embarrassment during Covid.

Seems like the channel is now gone.


Here it was. Just before Covid.

Jean Byrne must have driven John Cuir demented

Poppy and Holly. Have they a brother called Chestnut Cairns I wonder


Aoife Grace Morre (ACM) was omnipresent for a few years. She seems to have disappeared from the airwaves of late.

Actually I think she is suing Eoghan Harris.

He would poll well i guess. Always an alright sort on the news

I was wondering why he was all over Twitter at the moment.

He seems to have taken a shine to the GAA recently, found it amusing to see him continue to dig in here after it was explained to him that it was normal practice to play the anthem between the two matches when there is a double header.

he is an absolute cunt

Think that party is for backwards cunts alright.

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A Tour de France by Simon here.

It’s only words but Harris’s words on Gaza and against Israel were pretty good there.