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Starting to talk late or not at all is an indicator.


In isolation it’s not.

Alot of kids don’t talk for ages and are not autistic. They can often end up with high IQ too. As I heard a child psychologist once suggest “it seems they can’t really be too bothered in some cases”

What I find fainting about these discussions is people will listen to OT or a GP but ignore clinical psychologists who actually work with kids for a living


I’ll try anything, and I welcome the suggestion. I’ve karate lessons lined up for the summer. He’s keen to start kicking me around…


Martial arts are very good for bracing.

The discipline may be difficult though. If it doesn’t go well I would suggest Judo. Would be my go-to in martial arts. Has a great knack of building up less confident kids.

Wrestling and contact and all that is critical to boys development . The helicopter mothering has ruined that with mothers intervening constantly when boys get rough. It’s really really damaging.

I am noticing an enlarging gap between certain demographics now. Urban kids given more freedom are absolutely streets ahead of many others. Especially those isolated out in country dormer’s and bunglows where they are not allowed walk down the road to their friends.

And to be honest the modern urban kids is well behind a kid from similar demographic of even 10 years ago


Agreed, a lot of the Muldoons on here are miles behind the urban posters


Also try and find an S&C a Coach with a history of working with kids, preferably who has Setanta S&C quals.

I can seek someone out in your area if you pm me where abouts you live


It’s as much to do with the teacher; he has a good way with him- and his own kid has manners, as well as his red belt at the age of 11


Ya good point. You are right, some tines it is about the coach.

Look whatever creates buy in.

But just remember, it will never develop the motor skills or coordination that a mix of activities can.

I do appreciate it’s one step at a time, but just keep that at the back of your head.


Farmer is anyway. I haven’t come across someone like him in a long time


It’s good that the townies have this belief as consolation - you’re being ironic again though?


We will live longer though because we arent exposed to smog and drinking polluted tapwater on a daily basis. Our chances of being murdered in a gangland hit are also much lower


My older lad wouldn’t take to any sport but he loves jujitsu. Himself and his younger brother both diagnosed with conditions. Older one seems to be borderline dyspraxia - poor fine motorskills, tight hamstrings and weak core (like a lot of posters on here).

Younger lad has dysgraphia which was a new one to me. Difficulty tracking a blackboard. He loves all sports and is decent.

They both do exercises - motorskills exercises, postural control (I robbed a lot of it for GAA training) and the younger lad does eye exercises.

Neither condition impacts their PS4 playing funnily enough.


Great spirt. Very demanding.
Technically excruciating but not as “disciplined” as the Far Eastern MA.

It’s a humbling experience to wrestle someone with those skills. I did a bit in Perth win Van Dames mate and old trainer, fuck me. I was maybe a touch stronger than him so he had to get technical. It’s just tap out, tap out, tap out ad nausea

JJ guys are dangerous muthafuckas


They saw you coming :joy::joy::joy:

Strength training.

Get them somewhere that will bring them to Olympic lifting eventually. Strength power and coordination needed. Could be a game changer


Yeah I go down to watch him and the older lads are machines. As Joe Rogan calls it - physical chess.

He likes it as they show them the basic move and then they go and wrestle and let them figure it out for themselves a fair bit.

I have taken lots of the warm up exercises to GAA - the rolling, knee walks etc


How you feeling today bud? Sounds horrific. How long before ull be back eating?


If you think I’m backward mate then I’m obviously doing something right.


I don’t think you are backward.

I think you are extremely narrow minded and closed to learning


On morphine painkillers so feeling absolutely great. No grub for another few days at least. An ol smoothie maybe


Says the guy who thinks that autism doesn’t exist.