Ireland's health service


I’m sure you will bide your time patiently but will eventually get one up on that crafty dog.


Nah. Elderly neighbor, lost his wife 2 years ago. He rang about the child, I said she’s grand, gone to bed.
You’d want to be some cunt to take his dog away, he knows now to keep him in, he’s told me he’ll do so.
I’m happy with that.


Also. In my panic I rang the 24 hour helpline for Laya health, forgetting that we switched to VHI, the nurse was some lady, explained that the policy no I gave her was not possibly from her company, I got embarrassed and apologized profusely, she said not to worry, tell me how the child is anyway. She told me to get to A & E asap, a lovely lovely lady.


Why are you a cunt ?


His daughter was biten by a dog and you think it’s a big laugh do You?


christ its frightening to think people have to rely on the public health service in Ireland, poor bastards


That’s the type of cunt you’re dealing with here.

Ps. Thanks for the PM enquiring about her, it’s gestures like that, that make you a top top poster and a top top mate.


No problem kid.
Unfortunately for your daughter she was neither homosexual transgender muslim or Palestinian, rendering her a cause not worthy of that piece of shit @glasagusban


My daughter was badly hurt and all he thought about was how he could use the situation to have a pop at me.
I wouldn’t mind be she also thinks he’s a cunt and she only looks into the site once a year.


he’s the worst type of useless fucker on here, like those lads in the womens football thread you are dealing with


He’s not a very nice person.
I’m reminded o f the time he lured those 2 young American girls back to their hotel room to do a paddy jackson on them, but failed.


I’d get the dog tested.

I hope your little one is ok.


Sorry to hear that mate, hope your daughter is ok. You did the right thing about the neighbors dog, I’d imagine he’s mortified.


I’m not sure what the logo on these posters is intended to mean but it looks like a red hot probe heated by the grill on the left being inserted into the penis on the right.


Excellent documentary on rte just now called my broken brain. About people with neurological disease

Terrifying stuff.