Is gender dysphoria treatable by surgery?

So Graham Linehan was right all the time.

Imagine that. What a crazy outlook he had.


Turns out he was spot on.

And there won’t be a word about it.

JK Rowling too

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An absolute worldwide embarrassment of dangerous stupidity in the name of woke for years, so many lives fucked up.

Everyone too timid to say a word to call it out. Grim.

Fight the hard LEFT with every fibre of sense you have.

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On the plus side the brother in law was trying to cancel sky sports for his auld pair. They said they need to speak to the bill payer. His mother. He said he was her. There was a pause while they contemplated it and then away he went and they couldn’t say anything.

I’d say they would do whatever you asked in that scenario :joy:


Another customer for Bang. :wink: