Job Interviews


Depends how tall you are, @farmerinthecity should probably sit, @TreatyStones perhaps not.

It depends on the lay out of the room as well. If I was meeting a small group I would probably sit. If it was a bigger audience I would stand.


Stand. Definitely. When you sit you hunch forward and can look like a goblin or something.
Also, body language is important. You can command the room standing and use gestures. Not sure if you get nervous but it’s much easier to cover it if moving than sitting.


stand in front of them,

throw a smoke bomb,disappear

come in through the door again


Also. Most importantly. Practice it a tonne of times out loud. More than you think. When the interview is actually on your brain will be processing like a supercomputer and you need the presentation to be second nature.
When preparing your presentation think visual. People have brains of fuzz when it comes to ‘listening’ by itself. Any presentation can drift into waffle for listening ears unless you grab their attention and contextualising with clear visual examples is very important.
Get someone you trust who is capable to listen to your presentation and tell you what sounds like waffle /isn’t clear/ lacks context.


Thanks, chaps. You’re the best.

FAO of @Fagan_ODowd: I’m tasked with presenting my proposed strategy for overseeing credit risk in the institution. Looking to move on from doing transactions and having to deal with “external stakeholders” to risk management type stuff and being on several internal committees that have meetings about meetings about meetings to pass the days.


From what I can see, the key to being a successful risk manager is to never ever make a decision.


The “Do Nothing” approach is always a valid option when doing a risk assessment.


“Easy now, let’s not do anything drastic.”


He needs to check that his fly is closed though.


That sounds like a very interesting topic.


I’d rather go to the dentist.


Also, see if you can get your interview first thing after the morning break or failing that first thing in the morning or after lunch. The mood/concentration of your interviewers will be much better at these times. There have been interesting studies done on when people make positive decisions. One deadly one involves when you are most likely to be grated parole by a parole board(based on the time of day they considered the case).
The brother’s wife used to run an advertising agency and maintains that the proportion of times the actor who got the job was auditioned at these times is highly disproportionate. My contacts in the acting world would actively seek these times at castings.


Is that due to the high forehead, combined with a receding hairline?


Actually, a free TFK hoodie and 1-year subscription to the website for the best presentation sent to me by PM. Closing date is Sunday, 29th January at 9pm (Wexford Park time).


Surely @bandage can command the room from a seated position. He’s a businessman.


Before I decided that a life on benefits was more for me this would have been right up my street.

You must have really hated your last job if this is more attractive


@gilgamboa doing up this presentation for @bandage could be a great way for you to make a bit of tax free cash


Ah jaysus, don’t be wreckin’ me buzz bud.

Now, give me some pointers please.




Practice the way you enter the room and leave the room. This is critical to the interviewers perception of you