Job Interviews


The business own the risks so why should the risk manager make a decision?


Manoeuvre the presentation into the middle of the road and don’t budge either direction.

If you wanted to try to get yourself remembered you could speak about something ‘controversial’ and suggest delegated discretionary authorities work better than committee based decision making. And suggest a framework around monitoring that. You won’t get the job though.

Dual sign off, one up supervision by management annual review of discretionary behaviour etc…if you are only dealing with credit risk…how would you ensure policies aligned and transformed with market behaviour and changing regulatory requirements etc…

Painful enough stuff. But I haven’t seen the job spec so basing it solely on your v brief description.

Main question I’d be asking you in interview is how you would adapt your mindset from business development to risk based approach…they won’t want anyone overly sympathetic to the needs of business I’d imagine.


I’d do it for a hundy fifty up front and 20% of first months salary. No problem at all


I faithfully promise to never stand out from the crowd


Why have a risk manager at all?


This but if the MD is on the panel you will have to maintain a balancing act.

Proper profiling of new business and strict and consistent credit limits set unless clients are VIP.


It looks good for the Regulator.


He can do what he wants when he gets in the door!


Background to the presentation cover page:


We are in a new paradigm. Traditional reliance on asset based lending and the comfort that could be derived from same is history. Knowledge and key understanding of clients cashflow position and requirements are fundamental to doing profitable and sustainable business. A poor credit decision is a severed business relationship.

How many more slides does he need???


It has all been well covered… Just to reiterate the importance of practicing it out loud. It’s grand if you’re giving a talk on things you encounter or do every day, but if you’re talking about concepts or using term you wouldn’t every day it’s key to vocalize these terms and not fall over them on the day.


Good luck @Bandage. I don’t know anything about the topic so I can’t be of any assistance to you. I will light a candle for you though.


And be able to sleep with your eyes open.


Genuine piece of advice. Never ever be afraid to use the phrase “I can see both sides of the argument” if asked something controversial, as long as you can thrash out either side a bit. Makes you look wise* and balanced*

*clares all Ireland.


At work maybe. Not with your wife.


Wasn’t it delegation and discretion that got the banks into trouble?


Without the necessary controls that Bandage would be introducing

Decision making in a committee is a bit of a cod. No one is responsible really


You need clip levels for delegated approval. And decision making criteria within the approval framework that can be objectively assessed based on data. And four eyes approval above certain limits.


Absolutely. Use experienced people as high level control not making decisions at levels way below their pay grade. And harsh penalties for mis use of discretion


Zero tolerance even