Job Interviews


Excellent advice.




Have you any weakness ???

I am a hoor for bread .


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Apparently I liked this post before, I can’t remember. I wish I could like it again


It’s been established that this is a horrendous soulless job and that whether you want it or not you shouldn’t want it. Might I suggest a bit of subtle self-sabotage a la spud. At the end of the interview after you’ve dazzled them with the cymbal monkeys they will ask the finishing questions.

Interviewer: What are your weaknesses.
Bandage: (long pause) I’m a little bit of a pervert.

Job done Bandage. You and @dancarter can hang out here during the daytimes dreaming up start-up schemes.


Course you do. Subservient lackeys in compliance who lacked self confidence and self worth to stand up to the Bidness king pins and did what they were told. That was a major part of the reason for the crisis.

You need internal affairs type lads who are not afraid to ask hard questions. Shying away from a hard question because it might make somebody uncomfortable is wrong approach. He could phrase it in a more subtle way if he wants to


Define “a bit of a pervert” .


For the purposes of not getting the job I believe the mere use of the word pervert would suffice.
If pushed I’d say, Maybe mentally undressing colleagues, staring at them for too long and cracking one off thinking of them but not actually going to their houses to whack off in their bushes while looking in the window? More @myboyblue than @Fagan_ODowd I suppose.


Its not like I’m the poster on here who admitted to sitting in Stephens Green staring at young women, and then having to go dry his trousers off under hand dryers pal.


Who was that?




A lot of that is quite normal . It doesn’t even stray in to slightly deviant territory .




He may as well just say - I am a man


I’m hoping to get some time tomorrow to work on my presentation, guys.

Thanks again for all advice.


Good luck with it Bandage. Just do some preparation and do it the way you would want to be presented to. Present it in a way that you are most comfortable with and do a few run throughs of it so that you are comfortable with the language you are using and the structure / flow of the presentation. I would suggest using A3 print outs rather than a powerpoint.
This is all what I did for a third interview for a role I really wanted this week (one phone interview, three face to face interviews, two online tests, ref checks, ffs). I had to do a role play in front of three sales managers (a first meeting with a new prospect) and a strategy presentation based on a sales strategy for achieving a very specific sales target for a specific product set within a specific time frame (they are fond of the word specific).
There are probably some key phrases or ideas that you want to get across, make sure you have them written in frnt of you somewhere. I told them at the outset of the role play that I had a set of questions in front of me as I wanted to ensure I covered off all of the information I needed in order to formulate the best solution for them and so that I wouldn’t be wasting their time. This went down very well.
Also, read the brief they give you very very thoroughly. Pick out key words and phrases. One of the things From my role play brief was who the prospect company was. I know they are part of a larger group. So during the role play I ensured I explored the possibility of extending the offering to the parent company, thus increasing the opportunity value. Apparently I was the only interviewee who did this, which I find incredible.
I got the job btw, start at the end of Feb, great job, great company, huge opportunity, location cuts 45 minutes off my previous commute. Little bit of work at this stage goes a long way. Good luck with it pal.


Thanks for that and well done on your new role, pal. :thumbsup:




Great news to wake up to. Well done buddy.


Great news Fitzy, the very best of luck to you