Job Interviews


Outstanding news :clap:


That’s great news, kid.


Fitzy junior is probably crying himself to sleep at the thoughts of Fitzy senior having an extra 90 minutes a day to hot house him at the cricket.


Fitzy will be buying an Agassi style beast machine type any day now.


Congrats @Fitzy :clap::clap:


Good on you fisty


They were too busy riding in the safes


Dan fiddled while boi burned


Congrats Fitzy you won’t know yourself with all the time you get back. There’ll be a bumper crop of tomatoes next season.


Well done fitzy.
@Bandage, whatever happened to the sportswriting idea?
Don’t give up on that. Being serious for a minute, I think you could be really really good at it.
Handier to try and start out while the bills are being paid all the same.



A very clever move from the paper salesman


I no longer sell paper


The vegetables will be getting a lot more TLC as well.


Congrats to the boy @fitzy but isn’t it all a load of corporate bollox all the same (not specifically fitzy but the whole fucking thing).

Extend the opportunity. Add value. Etc.

Come in time, go home in time and take your time all day.


What’s it all about, mate?


Not in the kind of enterprise sales role I’m in mate where you have constant accountability, budgets to meet, tracking every week, constant pipeline reviews. You don’t take your time with anything, it’s all about closing deals as quickly as possible and move onto the next one.


I despise sales people


Congrats @Fitzy.


That’s alright mate, we despise you too.


Except you need us mate, we don’t need you.