Job Interviews


You’ve just described more corporate bollox, mate. I don’t think my learned friend was having a go at anyone in particular. I agree with him. All of it is corporate bollox.


Be kind.


That sounds like some craic.


I don’t need you. I don’t need customers who are a pain in the hole, who have a high cost of service, who constantly battle with you, who think they fucking know something, when they generally haven’t a fucking clue.I work with customers who need a service, a solution and want to work with a vendor who can provide it in such a way that everyone wins. That’s the kind of client I have. I’d probably have one conversation with you and walk away.


You have no clients mate.


Corporate bollox yes, but a means to an end. What’s it all about? Isn’t it fucking obvious?
Why do I put myself into a high pressure job with constant budget accountability and all the rest that goes with it? What’s it all about?
For fucks sake, the money of course. I could while away my time as an account manager or as some salary dependent chap, waiting for long service leave or retirement. Fuck that, I’m doing the new business because of the money. I couldn’t give a fuck about anything else.


Congratulations @Fitzy . 90 minutes extra a day is a lifechanger. Enjoy it.

Best of luck @Bandage. They’d be lucky to have you.

Both of those jobs sound like hell but each to their own.


Relax please, mate. I only commented that it was all corporate bollox and never questioned or attacked your motives. You’re probably surfing the high of being offered the new position but rein it in and stop being aggressive - it’s not like you.


I’m not having a go at you mate, merely pointing out the motivation behind what I do and why I can, or at least appear to, buy in to the corporate bollox. It is all bollocks of course, but you can use it to benefit yourself. Good luck with your presentation pal.


Thank you, pal.

Apology accepted.


I always reply to that question with “modesty and chocolate”.


The thing about it is, your superiors think it’s corporate bollox, you think it’s corporate bollox and your underlings think it’s corporate bollox. And yet on it goes.


This. I spend less time ‘working’ now than I did 5-6 years ago yet probably earn twice as much and get 3 times the work done.

Delegate until its uncomfortable, and then delegate some more.


Have you any weaknesses? “A severe aversion to bullshit questions” and then a death stare at whatever ape asked the question


Why are man holes round…


Plenty rectangular ones around.


There are three Ds in management



I’d replace you with a robot


And your pelvic floor muscles.


Did any one here ever do an interview where you didn’t want the job but didn’t want to make a total bollox of yourself ???