Job Interviews


FYI the forum - I decided against using one A3 sheet but I’ve managed to do the cover page of my presentation and I’m onto the second slide now. I’m going to do a table of contents and then have another 6 or so slides. I hope to make real progress tonight while watching Hull-Manchester United.


Different product those sliders. Don’t fall into the hole


That’s not a manhole.


You have to make or fashion the machine for it to be a beast… Started that book a while back, must go back to it


You’d know you prowler


Its well worth your time, albeit a bit hippy in places.


No offence, but that doesn’t make any sense. That just indicates an excessive willingness to get the word prowler into a sentence.


I was once asked in an interview would I mind working with people of different nationalities. I said sure but when you think about it we’re all racists. One of the interviewers said “what do you mean!!!” to which I replied ‘do you live in a semi detached house?’ (Yes) ‘…so picture a family of travellers moving in next door to you…’

I was offered the job.


That’s exactly what a prowler would say


@Bandage I saw this beside the vending machine today and thought of you.


While we’re on the topic, a word about recruitment consultants.
And that word would be “cunts”.
If there is a more useless species in this world I am yet to come across them. I realised early on that there was no point in engaging with these muppets and got rid of them all from Linkedin. One of them told me I wouldn’t have the qualifications or experience for the job I have been offered. Do yourself a favour if job hunting, go direct, do not use a recruitment consultant.


Used car salesmen
Estate agents


people working in banks
rugby players
IT developers


S&C guys


None of them are species lads. Well they’re all species actually. I’m not sure fitzy thought this one through. That infamous temper.


So here’s my conundrum guys. I’ve been offered the job I want, which is situated in a perfect location. The salary is a good bit less than I was previously on, but I see more long term upside and opportunity to earn big commission from software and cloud application sales along with the traditional hardware sales. Long term I think I will earn a lot more. But it doesn’t start until late Feb and I really don’t want to sit on my arse for three weeks doing nothing.
I have just taken a phone call from another company I interviewed with who have offered me a role with a substantial salary increase, in a location that is about 30 mins additional every day. It’s in traditional print sales which I have been trying to get out of and in a shrinking market where the opportunity to earn commission is a lot harder. It starts immediately.
Both multinational companies with great career advancement opportunities.
What job do I take? I’m leaning towards the first.


Dont be such a cock

Oh woe is me having to take 3 weeks off


For the record, I would like it noted that I am not a “salesman”, I am a Trusted Advisor.


Yeah, but i don’t get paid for that.


Centrelink will sort you