Job Interviews


It’s always a feast or a famine. i would say Option one. The chance to get out of a dying business segment might not come so handy next time. But do you know anything about what you will be selling in option one? On the other hand more money is not to be sneezed at either.


Probably the 3rd morning you are sitting in traffic doing the extra 30 mins you will start ruing the fact your not off till the end of February

Unless you badly need the money do the one you would prefer which appears to be option 1


Option 1.


Option 1, print is dead


You can chalk that down, kid.


Option 1, unless you’re going for the guiness record for commuting. You can pick bananas for the three weeks to keep the cash flowing in.


Salesmen hoping around from industry to industry , a weeks training course and suddenly they are an expert. Going out offering the sun, moon and stars to “prospects” without really having a clue on whether it can be delivered or not. Promising extraordinary levels of support, hounding with phonecalls, inane tittle tattle to make a “connection” but then disappear as soon as a deal signed. Then 18 months later they will be off in an another industry spouting the same shit.


@fitzy you’re a nut job if you think that’s an actual conundrum. Think of the 3 weeks as gardening leave.


You make that sound like a bad thing…


Fitzy, the man who was offering advice on how to do tremendous interviews for jobs that involve pay cuts…


Option 1 @Fitzy . All day long.


Career advancement opportunities?

What age are you?


Option 1 Fitzy, all day long.



I was happy for @Fitzy at first but now he’s just needlessly boasting.

And the huge effort he put into that interview for a pay cut.

Let’s not forget this outburst:


He’s a self absorbed twat.


Sometimes a poster just can’t help himself overstretching on the INTERNET. It’s the difference between a run of the mill poster and a top top one.


I am in a challenging time of great uncertainty and emotional disturbance in my life. I therefore find @Fran 's outburst to be most hurtful, insensitive and upsetting.


We are here for you mate.


Thankks pal, I appreciate your support.


It wasn’t an outburst. It was calculated. He went to the trouble of multi quoting.