Job Interviews


If you got up off of your hole and got a proper job things mightn’t be so uncertain and you also may not have time to be emotionally upset if you were busy.


That just makes it even more upsetting. I may have to consider my friendship with @Fran


I’m very busy, I’ve gotten shit loads done over the last few weeks, only yesterday the neighbours were commenting on how good the front garden looks. It’s the choice of what proper job I should take that’s causing my emotional state. Only today another player has entered the fray with a frankly silly money offer. Anyways, mind made up, going with Option 2, the offer was too good to refuse, great company, great opportunities, start on Feb 13th, top of the world etc etc


Enjoy the commute, pal


Cynical post of the year thus far .


Ask Niall Breslin . Don’t mind the crew here .


It was a cheap shot but in the spirit of TFK I took the shot.


You’re an awful fucking eejit altogether


So some abbos and a few ex convicts said your garden was nice … and that makes your aversion to work ok ?
Don’t think that’ll work on TFK buddy.


Could you not get him a few hours over the summer in clonmel? It’d be life coming full circle for @fitzy. Maybe he could fill in for the oul ones and he’d sell more motor tax than has ever been sold here before. Everyone’s a winner.


That’s a great plan. He’d have the right work ethic too, he seems like a right slogger.


Sacrificing family time for more stress to work in an industry that’s dying on its feet. You’re an awful eejit sometimes.


Do you have the option of working from home Fitzy or will you face a massive commute every day again with this new job? The only sales people that are travelling and visiting with prospects all day every day are either busy idiots (think the car sales cliche) or people doing a high volume but small value transactional orders.

The guys who do the biggest deals generally have the smallest number of clients or prospects (5 or 6 max). Assuming you are selling complex solutions or services and not mickey mouse stuff, a large volume of the work is often not client facing - it is liaising with all your internal people in advance of some big customer facing milestones. Plenty of that work (not all) can be done and organised from your home office via conference calls, webex’s etc.

Spending hours every day commuting to and from a company office is dead time for somebody taking on budget pressure and a well run company will know that in this day and age. Not saying you shouldn’t be travelling plenty - just box clever when you can. Time is valuable brother (for work but most importantly for your personal life).


says the man who gave up cushy number in he public sector to run a now defunct craft beer factory


Your point being?


Your brew drooped I think.


Sure that’s common knowledge, I posted as much at the time


Seriously, that is bollox, and you know it is.
Fair fucking play to him for trying.
It’ll fall right sometime. It only needs to once.


Absolutely shameful civil service attitude knocking an entrepreneur as right.